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A lot of my friends thought I was wasting my time and money when I said that I was going to do a site to review fake diplomas, fake degrees and providers of these items. Their point was that the people who want to buy them should be careful when they are going to buy one. In one hand their reasoning was correct, but on the other hand how are these people supposed to make the right decision when they don’t have all the facts. How would they know where to get the right information and what to look for? That is where this site comes in. it is like a central information point where people can learn about fake degrees and fake diploma providers.

In a short period of time there is a very positive response from the people who have visited this site and many have e-mailed me with various comments and suggestions. I have decided to post some of these comments for all to see. You can see how successful the site is by reading some of the comments I have received from grateful visitors to the site.

Although I like to get testimonials about these sites, I would also like to see some comments about the various sites reviewed here. This invitation is especially for those who have dealt with any of these sites or any other fake diploma site for that matter. Please feel free to share your experiences and advice with other users who want to get fake certificates. Make your experiences a lesson for others to learn.

:: Jason :: Oklahoma ::

I had a hard time trying to find a good site where I could get a fake college degree certificate and transcripts. That is until I found your site and it made my life a whole lot easier. Keep up the good work!

:: Amy :: Boston ::

All the fake degree sites, which I visited, claimed that they are the best in the business but how can you make sure. If you get a hack job after you order then you are left in a lurch. It is good to have an innovative guy like u to help us make the right choice. Thanx!

:: Pete :: Germany ::

Wow! The best site to get idea on how to get a good fake degree.

:: Lewis :: Jacksonville ::

You guys are doing a great job! With all the hack sites there are, we need some guidance.

:: Lance :: Chicago ::

My brother got screwed when he bought a degree from **** site so I definitely didn't want to get one from them. I found a good site by going through your reviews. Thanks man!

:: Karen :: Toledo ::

This is the first time I did something like this, I was very worried. A friend mentioned your site and I had a look. The things you had on the Purchasing guide section was very helpful. I took the advice and finally got a fake degree.

:: Dennis :: Washington ::

It's good your are doing this. Helps a lot of guys like me.

:: Tina :: Tallahassee ::

A very cool site to visit before go and buy a fake degree. Highly recommended.

:: Jason :: Toronto::

This is a great idea. It has probably the most information on fake degrees and those who provide them, than anywhere else I can think of. Especially for a newbie like me who has never bought a fake certificate before your site was like an one stop advisory service. Helped me out a lot. Thanks a lot & keep up the good work. Hope to see more information in the future.

:: Veronique :: France ::

This site is very cool. You guys have a lot of information to help us avoid scams. Great work!

:: Mark :: Carrollton ::

I didn’t know personally anyone who had bought a fake document of any kind so I had no idea how to get information on them. Luckily I found this site and it has really helped me a lot. This is the best place to get all the answers for the questions you may have about fake diplomas.

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