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Another important factor anyone of us to consider before making any sort of purchase is the price we have to pay for it. We would always like to get a high quality product for an affordable price. However in reality if we want to get a product of high quality we will have to pay more than the average price for it, and fake degrees are no exception. Earlier I have summarized about the quality of the products bought from these various sites, so I will focus more on the prices here.

These service providers are ready to offer you the best fake college degrees so that you can rise in your career.

Make sure that the fake degree that you are purchasing is worth the price you are paying for it. If required browse several sites to see what the rate is charged and then take your decision accordingly. Be very sure about why fake college diploma is important to you.

Points Awarded for
Overall Quality Price Turnaround Time Customer Service
Total Points Grade
Diploma Center ND-Center 57 5 8 6 76 A
Diplomamakers 49 7 4 5 65 B
Phonydiploma 32 7 6 7 52 C
Diplomasforless 34 6 5 7 52 C
Diplomareplacementservice 30 5 6 5 46 D
Diplomaservices 25 7 8 4 44 D
Diplomasunlimited 20 8 7 7 42 D
Backalleypress 22 6 7 5 40 D
Noveltyworksdegrees 13 9 9 9 40 D
Diplomasandtranscripts 18 6 8 8 40 D
All the other sites 18 7 9 5 39 F
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Points gained by the different sites for the price (Given out of 10)

If we take the top ranked site ND-Center, their overall prices can be considered as being on the high side as there are less expensive ones around. However when it is compared with the quality of their products, it is a very reasonable price to pay for a good quality product.

The second ranked site Diplomamakers offer more cheaper prices than ND-Center, but their overall quality of the product is much lower than that of ND-Center simply because the original seal and the signatures of the document was not replicated correctly. When the quality of a fake diploma is a very important criterion you can’t always focus only on the price. If you want a high quality standard end product you will have to pay more than the average price. I do not think it is foolish or a bad idea to pay a little bit extra for a product if you know that product is of higher quality than the rest.

Phonydiploma ranked third offers pretty much the same prices as Diplomamakers but then again their quality of the product is less. I would say that their prices are more expensive compared to the earlier two sites when considering the product quality as with the earlier site Phonydiploma also will not replicate the exact seal or signature of the document you require. With regards to other site for example Diplomaservices they did actually replicate the seal and the signatures and for the price paid I think this was quite reasonable. Backalleypress was also quite expensive considering that the seal and signatures were not replicated correctly.

Some sites like Noveltyworksdegrees offer very cheap prices, but their products are of very poor quality, getting only 13 points for the overall quality. With that kind of quality, they can afford to give them away at that price.

So do check out the above mentioned sites and compare their prices and the quality fake college degree offered. I am sure it will be easier for you to take a decision now.

We all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. The same is applicable in case of buying fake college diploma as well. So before you place the order find out more about the cost involved.

Buy fake diplomas and transcripts only after you have considered the factors mentioned above.

Always be aware of the price you are paying for a product and whether that it is worth at that price.

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