Backalleypress comes in at eighth place with 40 points and a grade of D. The quality of the fake diplomas made by this site is on the low end of the scale. Their prices are quite high when compared to others, but this does not necessarily mean that the quality of the fake degree will be high, as shown by this site. The crests, seals and signatures are of very poor quality. As with other sites, they print the seals and the signatures and do not actually place them as a seal or as handwritten signatures. The quality of the printing is very low as well. They also do not use the standard paper used in printing certificates, but some other paper which is not even thick enough for certificates. So the fake degree actually feels lighter and easily crumpled. As I’ve said they are quite expensive but once you factor in the low quality of the certificates, they actually become one of the most expensive sites around. In reality what you are getting is a very low quality fake for a lot of money that is in fact worth less than a quarter of what you paid. The turnaround time for this site is not that bad compared to other sites around in that they only delayed the delivery by three days. Their customer service is not even worth to talk about. It’s very bad. I’ve sent them three emails and only got a reply to one of them.

From past verified customers to this site I have received the following comments and updates on the quality of products by Backalleypress.

Overall Rating : 40
Overall Grade : D
Quality : The quality of the fake diplomas made by this site is very low. The crests, seals and signatures are not even close to the originals, even after providing a scanned image of it. If they can’t even recreate something like that what’s the use. The quality of the printing is below average as well.
Price : Prices of Backalleypress are actually very expensive compared to other sites. Once you factor in the low quality of the fakes they make it makes them one of the most expensive sites around.
Turnaround Time : They said they would deliver the product in two weeks and they delayed that by three days, so their turnaround time is not that bad. Of course they don’t probably need that much time to turnout such low quality products.
Customer Service : Worthless comes to mind. I have sent them three emails with inquiries before and after I placed the order and only one got replied, and you guessed it, it was the one I sent before placing the order. The information provided was not that helpful either.

Keep away from this site. Personally I think that these guys are running a scam. They charge high amounts and provide very low quality fake certificates. Their site is filled with many marketing gimmicks so many people will fall prey to them. My recommendation is to keep as far as possible from this site. These guys also seems to have created a duplicate site of their own site and this site is Fakediplomasite, plus they have also created several fake review site namely FakeDiplomaBlog, Underground-review and Fakediplomasearch, I would think that anyone that goes to this much trouble is up to no good.

The latest is that I am getting many reports of inferior products and not delivering corrected items when an obvious mistake has been made on the documents.

An authorized fake college diploma is the one that has the seal, signature, sign and watermark which is an exact replica of the original document. Honestly if you check out the samples of fake documents created by backalleypress you are sure to get disappointed.

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