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This fake degree review site is not a unique site. There are several such sites on the web doing reviews on fake diploma providers. There are doubts whether some of these sites are truly independent and unbiased. Some of them are created by the fake certificate providing sites themselves. So be careful of these sites as well and don’t take them on face value itself. Always do some research and checking before you commit yourself to buying a fake degree certificate.

The main reason I included this user voting section is to allow visitors themselves to help others. There are many people around the world who have bought fake certificates from various providers online. Some may have gotten a good deal while some other may have got burnt. Voting section is for them to educate others about these sites. They can vote for the site that they think does a very good job with providing fake diplomas. so whenever you get any information about any of the service provider, do let us know the feedback. This wil prove highly beneficial for all those who are planning to buy fake college degree.

Over time I have received an overall more than 3000 votes and I have put the results of that votes below. The results are taken by calculating the percentage of votes received by individual sites from the total amount of votes I receive. There are no complicated equations that I use to get the results.

Diploma Center or ND-Center 28.83%
Diplomasforless 20.75%
Phonydiploma 14.84%
Diplomasunlimited 11.51%
Dipomamakers 8.60%
Diplomaservice 5.64%
Diplomareplacementservice 4.45%
Backalleypress 2.26%
Noveltyworksdegrees 1.76%
Diplomasandtranscripts 0.82%
Other Sites 0.54%

Voting Results as percentage

As you can see a lot of people already agree with me that ND-Center provides the much better fake college degrees than any of the other sites around. As I have mentioned earlier ND-Center does provide some certificates of high quality. If you see the rankings they have received, they had taken 57 out of 70 points for the overall quality of the product, so it’s no wonder that they lead the user ratings as well. More than anything else people always appreciate a product of high quality standards. However some of the other sites have changed their rankings according to the user voting. Diplomasforless have jumped to second place according to visitors while Diplomamakers have dropped to fifth place.

If you have bought any kind of fake document from any of these sites please make you opinion heard. Take a few minutes of your time to vote for the site that you think does an excellent job. Think of it as helping others to learn from your experiences. Make your vote count and ensure that your favorite sites gets the due attention it deserves.

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