Diplomamakers achieved a worthy first runner up position with 65 overall points and a B grade. The fake diploma they sent was very good and matched the real one to a high level. They also used the standard paper to print the certificates on and the quality of the printing was also commendable. There were some minor points or mistakes which cost them marks. However overall they are good. Their attention to details is also very good. The crest, seal and the watermark were not exactly the same as the real one because they said they don’t replicate them as a professional courtesy to the relevant institutes. So what you get is not exactly a 100% replica of the real one, but the differences are minor and hardly noticeable unless you thoroughly scrutinize them. They achieved 49 points out of 70 for the overall quality of the products. The prices they charge can be considered as average, neither very expensive nor very cheap. All the same a bit cheap I would say. One of the factors going against them is that they missed the deadline for delivery by almost a week. Diplomamakers should not make promises to deliver on a certain date if they can’t live up to it. I was a bit disappointed about that. Their customer service is in dire need of improvement. I only got a reply to my email after 3 days and the information they provided is not that helpful either. On plus note they are one of the few sites that have a call up customer service, which is very good. However the information Diplomamakers provide is not very good hence the low points for this category. They should really think about improving on this area. when one is interested to buy fake diplomas and transcripts then it is the duty of the service provider to live up to the expectations of the buyer.

From past verified customers to this site I have received the following comments and updates on the quality of products by Diplomamakers.

Overall Rating : 65
Overall Grade : B
Quality : They are quite clear on the fact that they do not replicate crests, seals and signatures as exactly as the real ones, but the differences are hardly noticeable. You won’t know that it wasn’t the same unless you scrutinize them thoroughly. Otherwise their fake certificates are as authentic as the real ones.
Price : The prices they charge are quite average and cheaper than most. As I said the fakes that they make are not exact replicas so the prices they charge are very reasonable when you consider that. Actually I was surprised at first that their prices are so cheap and feared degradation in quality, but in reality that is not the case.
Turnaround Time : This is where they lost out most points. They said they will deliver within three weeks after the payment was confirmed but it was actually delayed by nearly a week. I was beginning to think that it was never going to come. This is not very professional and they should try to improve on it.
Customer Service : Another important area they should make some improvements on. They lost another few point on this as well. Replies to emails get about 3 days late. On thing that works in their favor is that they have a telephone based customer care service, which is a rarity among these sites I must day.

In conclusion I can say that this is also a very good fake degree site, although they don't make exact replicas of the certificates. As a plus point, they do mention this fact on their web site and before you buy from them. Considering all the prices are very cheap too. So this is another site that I would recommend.

If you have the question why fake diplomas in mind then check out Diplomamakers. Just keep in mind that as they usually deliver the product after the promised deadline, you need to place the order with ample time on your hand so that even if they falter you still have sufficient time. generally the deliver the fake certificate more or less on time.

I am getting many updates that documents are delivered from this company with the name of the university intentionally misspelled or some other change that make the purchased products unusable, at this point of time this is unconfirmed but I will keep my eye on the situation and see if the people contacting me are actually telling the truth in this regard. So don’t forget to follow my future posts to see if this fake diploma service provider is really doing all this or whether it is an unintentional mistake.

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