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Hi.. I contacted several times and from more than 1 email address, they never respond back. Do you know a better way to reach out top these guys? Thanks!

I have no idea on how to contact this company, nd-center seems to be processing far less orders these days, hence I have received similar comments many times before, I will look into this and update accordingly.

Diplomacompany Truly Truly Is Bad! Please Please Do Not Buy From Them I bought a bachelors of science degree and i truly believe i did more work than their production team I found misspelled words Incorrect dates and they even got the name of the college wrong on the back of the transcript! Said one name on the front and a completely different one on the back! lol. I Even sent an Original transcript for them to copy and it looked Nothing Like It

Your review of is absolutely right. The diploma that I order from them that cost $229.17 looks like something anyone with ms word could print from a home computer. The font style and size looks ridiculous. And the seal is generic. I have contacted them several times since I received it on Monday. They have not replied. I think it is one person working in their home printing out these absurd looking diplomas on plain old resume paper and charging hundreds of dollars.

As for the first comment US based companies do not replicate transcripts, this is a known fact if you go through this review, both comments had some evidence of an order, and this fake diploma companies rating will be lowered accordingly.

DiplomaMakers scammed me for $250. I wish I would had found your site before.

No evidence of an order was provided other than the comment above.

What do you think about this site They are very expensive but claim to be very good.

I have yet to hear a single comment negative or positive about this site, meaning that it is an unknown company, so be very careful.

I was scammed by I saw on your website that you know this person's name, Is it : xxxxx xxxxxx?

This is known scam site, evidence of an order have been provided, where a payment has been made and no product was received.

Can you please let me know what you can about diplomadr program.

I have not heard anything about this site for quite some time now, but they have been around for sometime now

Hi I have been reading your site and found it to be extremely useful. I thought i give to my experience so far. I sent nd-center two orders since they seemed to ignore my first one. I believe i may of been because i added too much information to my first order. They replied to my second order very quickly. I was just wondering if you could guide me through the steps that will occur with them. They have sent me a quotation and I have replied back saying that i will pay by western union. Am a suppose to send them a scanned image now along with my custom details now? Thanks in advance for your help!

No further update was provided in this regard, which mostly means that no issues were encountered, most people only get back to me when something goes wrong.

Fake Diploma Comments November

I was browsing your review site, a question popped up regarding diplomacompany. According to your review, they opened their business 2-3 months ago. But according to their website, they have been in business at least since 2007, which is proven by their news posts. And I remember checking out their website last years summer. Im just kind of confused here. Please clarify, because I been thinking to place an order at diplomacompany (they seem reasonable in costs and credible in quality).

The review has been updated accordingly.

Hello I wanted to know if you heard anything about the site phonydiploma being affiliated with the FBI. I was in the process of placing a order and stumbled across some links claiming that there were being monitored or was in fact part of a sting operation!! I have always trusted your judgments and comments, and would really like to know what you thought. Please advise ASAP !!!!

I have no further update on this particular issue.

I am currently looking for a fake EE degree and transcript from XXXXXXX University in Illinois ... I contacted diplomamakers and they said that they dont make them for this particular university anymore b/c they received a warning from my school, thought that would be useful for you to know. Was wondering if you know of any good non-USA sites i could get business from? Tried contacting nd-center yesterday but they havent replied yet too .. so not sure if they are still in business.

I hope you found a site that can meet your demands, I have heard that ppl have had problems in contacting, but the site seems to be still functional so not sure whats going on.

diplomasandtranscripts site is beyond reason the worst site i have come across. they have the worst customer service and their diplomas are so fake that my dog could even figure it not people i repeat do not order anything with them, its a waste of your money.

This is not a confirmed comment, with evidence of an order.

I wanted to tell you about "fakediplomasale" from where I purchased a diploma, and not only it came, but it was really good too. So, why do you claim that they are scams? I went for fakediplomasale and was satisfied, so I dont really care what others said in their e-mails to you, but consider it that they probably tried to fool you, in order to damage this particular company. Besides, the comment you wrote against them was over 2 years ago, and since then, not only theyre still in business.

This again is not a confirmed comment and did not have any supporting evidence, but the points made here are valid though fakediplomasale site has a lot of copied content from other sites I have not heard any news about them after the initial scam warnings, this message had many more unsubstantiated comments and embellishments which was not accompanied with any proof so these details were removed.

Fake Diploma Comments 2

Hi, Im looking for a fake diploma and transcript to fool my friends that have and MBA. So i really need something really good quality! After trying to get info from diploma-center and i sent them my order to get a quotation. 24h after i got this email from Unfortunately we are unable to process your order at this point of time due to a large backlog of orders. My question is: Do you know a good site that can make a good Diploma and transcript? Because i sent couple of emails to nd-center after i got their email and they're not getting back to me!

I sent money to diplomaxpress to make a replica diploma and they never sent me the diploma although they did receive the $350 via Western Union. I am very soured by the process in general. They are a company/individual based in Spain. Thanks.

I saw your website evaluating fake college diploma companies. You are providing a valuable service. Thank you. Would you kindly point me to the best place to buy the best quality available diplomas of University of @#@$$% and @#$%$# University. Of course, I would like them to be as authentic as the printers would dare to make them. Again, the best quality and closet matching product. I shall appreciate very much your experienced advice. Thank you.

I just ordered another diploma from diplomamakers and it is horrible. It looks like something a 7 yr old could have made. I am interested in ordering a diploma from the University of @#$%$#@. I need this to look very replicable their diploma though bc I am going to have the real one at my house and yours at work.

These are some of the comments I have received during the past months, most comments involve asking advice on a future fake degree purchase, these I have not published here. I rarely if ever answer comments I am sorry about that, but I do read each and every comment received and the site is updated accordingly so a big thank you for everyone who has dropped me a line.

Fake Diploma Comments

I receive many comments from people who have purchased from a variety of fake diploma sites, the following are the most noteworthy comments received during the past few months.

Why or Why could I have not found your site sooner! phonydiploma sent me a template that looked like the real thing then sent me some bullshyt! (excuse my french!) That was almost $300 thrown out the window - I had is rush order! I sent them a picture of exactly what I wanted and I got crap! I am going to try the first place you suggested, nd-center - I'll let you know how it goes. I don't have an exact replica of what I want - any suggestions on the right kinds of questions to ask?

Comment: Phonydiploma does not replicate actual seals or signatures of documents, they are known to send better quality samples than what they actually produce, this seems to be such an instance, I hope others will be more careful when dealing with this company.

Diplomareplacementservice is a big scam. These guys will let you transfer money to their account in the US. I ordered from them and never received anything. They e-mailed me a fake mailing slip for $1.10 from the US to China. They charged me $31 for shipping.

Diplomaprintingservice is a scammer. I paid them and ordered a product, and I never got anything from them. I want you to let people know about them, please, by posting about them on your site, so others will not get ripped off by them.

I've an extremely bad experience with Diplomareplacementservice while getting it done last time. I ordered a transcript from diploma replacement service and the transcript they delivered was shocking. It was on a normal A4 paper with spelling mistakes, no university logo and a complete waste of money.

Comment: Both these sites are run by the same people and I have received many complains like this, I would advise anyone interested in purchasing from these particular sites to use extreme caution, due to the sheer number of complaints received.

I ordered a document from Backalleypress and it was a terrible experience. I really need an authentic San Jose Diploma. I emailed them a copy of my friends actual diploma if this will help make the best possible template. But what Backalleypress produced was a joke.

Comment: I have received many complaints with regards to Backalleypress, the quality of the fake college diploma produced by this vendor seems to have declined dramatically.

Do you know anything about I paid $250 for a certificate only and that was a week ago. I now cannot get them to respond to me when I inquire about my order. Thank you!

Received this message from the same individual later on
I paid $250.00 to this site and got nothing. I was definitely scammed. Do you know anything about Superior Fake Degrees? The customer service was great, answered all my Questions; even advised me when they received my payment and said they would keep me informed of the printing process. Now they have my $ and won't even answer my emails.

Comment: I am not surprised that you have been scammed by this is a very new site but falsely claims to be operational from much earlier, all the sample images are copied from the internet along with the fake BBB seal. Please do your research before choosing a fake degree vendor or else you will end up purchasing from one of these scam sites.

More comments and details to follow in next weeks blog post…