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Today in business a lot of companies pay a lot of attention to customer care or after sales service in addition to the quality of their product or service. Customers are what keeps a business running and they should be properly looked after. It does not matter if you provide a product of the highest quality for the cheapest price if you do not give you customer the due respect and attention. People would pay more if they know that the business will listen to them and help them if they have any problems with the product. Offering fake college diploma, fake diploma templates and professional fake diploma is not enough. One has to make sure that the customer service is also up to the mark.

When you are placing an order for buying fake college diploma it is important that you can access the customer service executive of the particular company. This is important because you never know when you need to contact the executive. It may also happen that you have some queries and you need immediate answers and there is no one else who can solve than the executive.

So, you can talk with customer care executive and then order the Best fake college diploma.

In online business I personally think that customer service is an essential aspect. Usually there’s no physical interaction between customers and the business except through the web site, so their must be good mechanism in place to provide assistance if the customers get into difficulty. That is why I have used this criterion in my reviews. Keep in mind this factor when you are planning to buy fake diplomas and transcripts. in others, you cannot compromise with the quality of the fake diploma in professional world. Offering fake certificate is a huge responsibility especially when you are charging money for it. Hence make sure that you live up to the customer expectations.

The presence of fake college diploma has increased over the years. The number of online stores offering these documents has grown manifold. So if the quality of customer service is not up to the mark then there are high chances that it will affect the growth of the company’s business. Moreover prompt customer service is an example of why fake college diploma is a great idea.

What I looked for mainly was how long it took a fake college diploma site to reply to an online inquiry or email and how useful or helpful it was to the inquiry. Basically did they help me solve my problem quickly?

Points Awarded for
Overall Quality Price Turnaround Time Customer Service
Total Points Grade
Diploma Center ND-Center 57 5 8 6 76 A
Diplomamakers 49 7 4 5 65 B
Phonydiploma 32 7 6 7 52 C
Diplomasforless 34 6 5 7 52 C
Diplomareplacementservice 30 5 6 5 46 D
Diplomaservices 25 7 8 4 44 D
Diplomasunlimited 20 8 7 7 42 D
Backalleypress 22 6 7 5 40 D
Noveltyworksdegrees 13 9 9 9 40 D
Diplomasandtranscripts 18 6 8 8 40 D
All the other sites 18 7 9 5 39 F
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Points gained by the different sites for customer service. (Given out of 10)

ND-Center which is ranked first has an average customer service. They replied to my email query within 2 days and it was vague and not very helpful but I must say that this did vary considerably meaning sometimes I received prompt replies to my queries and sometimes my emails were completely ignored or I got an answer only after a couple of days. However they are ranked first because of the overall quality of their product. If they can improve on their customer service as well they can be market leader in no time. Several other sites were better than them. Noveltyworksdegrees scored the highest in this criterion. They replied within 1 day and gave very descriptive answers to my queries. Because of the poor quality of their products they are ranked a dismal ninth place. Other sites usually replied within 1 to 2 days while some didn’t even bother to reply back. Places like Backalleypress did reply to you but it is always a very non descript answer although Phonydiploma did provide very descriptive answers which gave details about their product offerings plus Phonydiploma does have a contact number on there site and this site along with Diplomamakers are one of the few that offer this service.

Once you take into account the customer service of the fake college diploma provider you will get a clear picture regarding whom to consider and whom to avoid. The customer service department speaks a lot about the company and its services offered. This is vital for fake college diploma for weak students.

When you are planning to buy a high quality fake college degree it is extremely important that you have a point of reference so that in case you don’t like the template or would like to make changes in the diploma, you know whom to contact. If they fail to respond to your query on time do you think it is worth hiring them? Hence make sure that the fake diploma service provider has an active customer care department round the clock.

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