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ND-Center made very good quality replica of the scanned image I sent them. I would say it was an exact replica. It was quite impossible tell the fake and the real one apart. A job well done I would say. They were the best I came across out of nearly 15 other sites so they are ranked top of the list. It was clear that they had paid a lot of attention to the certificate and taken good care when making it. Even the small details were very good. There quality of the printing can be said as excellent, on par with professional printers. Their prices can be considered as expensive, but it is quite cheap when you consider the quality of the certificate created by nd-center.com. It is very difficult to find good quality fakes at these prices. That was another reason I gave them a higher ranking. The turnaround time for delivering their fake diplomas can be said as acceptable, even though they missed the deadline. Actually the delay was minor enough to be ignored. The customer service rendered by them can be considered as average. They are not doing an excellent job on this area and can improve on it. Their response time to replying to my emails is not what I had expected, and the information they did provide was not very helpful answers to my queries. My belief is that they should improve on this area as well. However, what ever said and done the quality of the products made by ND-Center guarantees them the top spot.

From past verified customers to this site I have received the following comments and updates on the quality of products by Diploma Center or ND Center.

Overall Rating : 76
Overall Grade : A
Quality : The overall quality of the product can be said as excellent. The details of the crest and seals and even the signatures were exactly like the real one. Print quality of the certificates was also very good and they had used the exact paper that is used to print actual certificates. Overall it was very professionally done.
Price : They are not the lowest when it comes to pricing, which is pretty average. However when you factor in the quality of the product they make I’d say it is very cheap compared to other sites. On average I think the price is right for these guys.
Turnaround Time : Sad to say, that they did not deliver the fake degree on time. They said three weeks delivery time from the day the payment was confirmed. They missed the deadline by two days. Well I thought two days is something you can look over when I saw the quality of the product.
Customer Service : This is the area that they could do with some improvements. Customer Service is important to survive in today’s business world. It’s not that bad when you consider that they replied to my emails within 2 ½ days, but the replies were not very helpful to answer my queries.

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The quality of the fake degrees made by this site is excellent. Very high quality fakes that are difficult to identify form the real ones. Their prices are also very reasonable and quite cheap in my view. Their turnaround time and level of customer service leaves something to be desired. Ultimately however the quality of the product is what matters most.

I have received many comments that some requested for orders have not been reciprocated, this company seems to be screening customers but I am not sure as to the exact reason for this, but will look into this and get to the bottom of this.

I really don’t get too many comments with relation to nd-center.com/Diploma Center/ND-Center, so I am seriously considering lowering the rank of the site based on the fact that not too many people seem to be purchasing from this site, this maybe due to the fact that these guys are screening customer and taking on only a select amount of orders in a given period of time, the other factor is that their price is quite high compared to others so the case might be that they have priced themselves out of the market. I will keep an eye on this whole situation an update the review when necessary but for the time being as most of the comments receive are positive I will keep my original review.

All in all, the nd-centre is worth every single penny invested. If you check out the other sites you will understand why I have made this statement. In my list of the best companies in this filed, nd-centre tops the list of buying fake college diploma.

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