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In your search for the right fake college degree service provider you need to follow certain factors like quality, cost involved, delivery time, customer service, why fake college diploma is important and so on. Once you consider all these aspects you can take your decision. only after all these factors have been met, should you go ahead and buy fake college degree.

These service providers are ready to offer you the best fake college degrees so that you can rise in your career.

If you search the web for fake college degrees you will get hundreds of sites that offer various types of fake certificates and other fake documents of this nature. The trick is to find a site or provider that will give a good product at a reasonable price. The quality and the price of the fake college degree can be considered as the most crucial factors, but there are other factors, which add value to the product or supplier. One of the sidelined factors is the turnaround time, or the time it takes for the product to reach your hands after you have placed the order. With readymade items, for example clothes, they can delivered within a week or so or even shipped overnight. However with custom products like fake degrees, they have to be created once the order has been confirmed, so time must allowed for production and then delivery. However with advances in technology the development process does not take that long these days. The average times claimed by sites vary considerably meaning some sites offer rush processing where the order are processed within days or so it is promised or the average is about 2 week but I have had many reports from people of instances where the order processing time has been over 4 weeks. Most of these sites never deliver on time, this is the general perception that I get.

The turnaround time is very important especially if you want the quality fake college degree to be delivered within 72 hours. If the company fails to meet its deadline then you will be in trouble. So make sure that they keep their word.

Points Awarded for
Overall Quality Price Turnaround Time Customer Service
Total Points Grade
Diploma Center ND-Center 57 5 8 6 76 A
Diplomamakers 49 7 4 5 65 B
Phonydiploma 32 7 6 7 52 C
Diplomasforless 34 6 5 7 52 C
Diplomareplacementservice 30 5 6 5 46 D
Diplomaservices 25 7 8 4 44 D
Diplomasunlimited 20 8 7 7 42 D
Backalleypress 22 6 7 5 40 D
Noveltyworksdegrees 13 9 9 9 40 D
Diplomasandtranscripts 18 6 8 8 40 D
All the other sites 18 7 9 5 39 F
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Points gained by the different sites for the turnaround time. (Given out of 10)

The first ranked ND-Center has an excellent turnaround time, this is from my personal experience but I have had some complaints from some of their other customer who have contacted me regarding ND-Centerand their turnaround time, if they are indeed not meeting their order processing deadlines I will reduce the grade for them in this particular category. They promised to deliver within three weeks and they only missed the deadline by 2 days, this is my personal experience which many of you seems to have not shared. This is much better than some of the other sites. Second ranked Diplomamakers only got four points because they delayed the delivery of the fake college degree by more than a week, but the quality of their products saved them.Diplomareplacementservice also missed the deadline by nearly a week and then had the nerve to threaten me when I complained about this. Noveltyworksdegrees scored the highest in this criteria but dropped to ninth place due to the lack of quality in their products. I would like to let everyone know that Turnaround Time means how close these companies came to the order processing time they themselves have promised when a customer has placed an order so concider when deciding on what fake degree to get.

You can’t always blame these sites for the delays. There can be a backlog in productions or there could be delays with the couriers, but if they promise to deliver within a certain time period they should make an effort to keep it.However you are placing the order for the fake college degree make sure that you have checked out the delivery time and the other fake diploma considerations. Until and unless you are sure of it, don’t place the order. If required check out two three different sites.

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