Diplomareplacementservice, which also goes by the name Diplomaprintingservice has come in at fifth position on my list, getting 46 points and a grade of ‘D’. They say that they can recreate any certificate from any college or institute and that they have templates for all of them. I very much doubt that. I think they are using a small number of templates and changing them around. I say this because they could not even make a good replica of the certificate I requested even after I provided them with a scanned image of it. Although the print quality was average the fake college diploma did not resemble the scanned image that I sent them. There were a lot of mistakes on it. The crest and the seal were definitely wrong and the signatures were also very poor fake college diploma. The prices charged by them were average but higher than that of Phonydiploma or Diplomasforless. But I think the prices are too high when you consider the low quality of the fake degrees. It actually makes the prices very expensive than the rest of the sites. The turnaround times are not good either. They delayed delivery of the fake diploma by four days. I guess it is to be expected since none of the sites actually deliver on time. Their customer service is nothing to talk about either. Diplomareplacementservice do not have a telephone based customer service. I only received a reply to my emails after about five days and the information given were not at all helpful.

From past verified customers to this site I have received the following comments and updates on the quality of products by Diplomareplacementservice.

Overall Rating : 46
Overall Grade : D
Quality : The quality of the fake diplomas created by this site can be given as just below average. The reproductions of the crests and seals are bordering on hopeless. The signatures are clearly done by amateurs. However the print quality is good even what is printed is not.
Price : The prices are average, but they in fact higher than that of Phonydiploma and Dipomasforless, which means they are actually expensive. Add to that the low quality of the fake degrees an it decreases the value of the certificate even more. This means that they are very expensive.
Turnaround Time : As usual the delivery was delayed. They delayed it by five days which makes them one of the site which delayed the most. These delays means that it further deteriorates the value of the fake diploma, making you lose money.
Customer Service : Their customer service is nothing to talk about. I didn’t get a reply for emails till five days later and they didn’t even acknowledge the delay. Plus the information they provided was not very useful.

In my opinion this site is not very good and I don’t advice you to buy from it. The low quality of the fake certificates and the actual pricing means that you are in realty paying more for a cheap product. This ultimately means that you are losing out. This is one of the major reason that you should always check out the services offered by the fake diploma service provider. If you are planning to buy fake diplomas and transcripts from this service provider then avoid at any cost.

Opt for diploma replacement service only if you have no other alternative. As I have already mentioned there is hardly anything great about them and they are one of the many companies that promise something and deliver something else. For them the question "why fake diplomas" and that too from them is a very valid question.

We hope that we have covered almost all the important factors of the different fake diploma service providers

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