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:: Billy :: Pittsburgh ::

Not very impressed with what I got from them. The fake degree was not as good as I hoped for, but better than some others I have come across.

:: Marshal :: Detriot::

I guess this is about an average site since their stuff is not that bad.

:: Danny :: Williamsport ::

The prices are quite cheap compared to some other sites I’ve seen around. You can’t expect high quality products at that price.

:: Vicky :: Miami ::

As I saw in one comment, it all depends on what you are using it for. I am an independent film maker and I did a movie around a fictional college. So I wanted to get some certificates for a scene. I got it from Diplomareplacementservice. Quality wise maybe they weren’t the best, but quite ok for what I had in mind. Since I bought 10 or so copies they gave me a discount as well.

:: John :: Rutland::

Definitely not happy with the products these guys make. Not quite up to standard with some of the work of other sites I have come across. My advice is to buy from a higher ranked site and number one should be good.

:: Adrian :: Prescott::

I had to wait nearly 5 weeks to get the certificate I ordered. It was twice the time they advertised on the site. Whenever I called they said it was on delivery. I don’t consider them very professional.

:: Sandra :: North Dakota ::

I was so angry with the crappy work that they did with my fake degree I would not recommend them to a foe of mine.

:: Dev :: Bangalore ::

This was the first time that I got a fake degree so I didn’t know better. I came across Diplomareplacementservice and fell for the fancy stuff on their site. After all I didn’t know about any other sites as well. So I went ahead and placed an order with them. It was nearly two months that I received the certificate. I had almost given up and scratched it off as a loss when I never got replies for my queries. Well it is a loss when you consider the poor quality of the certificate. I would never buy from them again and it’s up to you to decide for yourself. Too bad I didn’t know about this review site back then.

:: Chris :: San Mateo ::

These guys can do a better job than this with the kind of graphics software available today very easily. Maybe they after a quick buck after all.

:: Zara :: Edmonton ::

Two thumbs down for this site. I got a real shoddy replica of what I ordered and it was three weeks late. I never got a reply for the, I think four inquires I sent them and calls are always going to an answering machine. Take care guys when you buy these things.

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