Fake Degree Fake Certificate Ranking System

I have used a simple grading system to rank these different types of fake diploma sites which provide fake college degrees and fake college diplomas with varying specifications and quality. Points are given for different criteria of the finished product and the service provided by the site. I decided to put a high premium on the quality of the product above all the other factors, I feel that for a product such as this the overall quality of the fake college degree is quite important and will significantly override other factors such as turnaround time and the customer service quality because as a customer of these sites I was willing to overlook many factors if indeed the quality of the fake diploma was up to the mark. So to restate the following criteria was used to evaluate the fake university degree sites.

When I review a site I do not do it just by visiting the site. I will actually buy several items they have to offer, covering a range of products. The most important criteria I consider is the quality of the product and how close they match the original item. I go through them with a fine toothcomb looking for any anomalies with the original document. Sometimes I ask some of my friends to go over them also since several pairs of eyes have a better chance of finding a fault than a single pair. Another important factor is the time taken to deliver the product. Time is very valuable thing one can not afford to lose. If the site promises to deliver the product within a certain time period they should honor it. Today businesses emphasize a lot on their customer care policies and that is why I have added that also as a criteria. Most of these sites only provide an email address for you to get in contact them and still there’s no guarantee that it will be answered. Some sites have a Hotline Number, which goes through to an answering machine, defeating the whole point of a Hotline Number. Although not a very good indicator the web site itself can provide some insight into them. If the web site is kept in an ordered manner with frequent updates, it just maybe that their products are also the same.

Criteria Used Maximum Points
Overall Quality of the Fake Diploma/ Degree Certificate 70
Price of the Fake Degree 10
Turnaround time of Fake College Degree Site 10
Customer Service of the Fake College Diploma Site 10
Total 100

According to the points received by each site, a grade is awarded. The following table shows how the grades are assigned.

Points Range Grade
Above 75 A
65-74 B
50-64 C
40-49 D
Below 39 F

Breakdown for each site reviewed in the site

Points Awarded for
Overall Quality Price Turnaround Time Customer Service
Total Points Grade
Diploma Center ND-Center 57 5 8 6 76 A
Diplomamakers 49 7 4 5 65 B
Phonydiploma 32 7 6 7 52 C
Diplomasforless 34 6 5 7 52 C
Diplomareplacementservice 30 5 6 5 46 D
Diplomaservices 25 7 8 4 44 D
Diplomasunlimited 20 8 7 7 42 D
Backalleypress 22 6 7 5 40 D
Noveltyworksdegrees 13 9 9 8 39 F
Diplomasandtranscripts 18 6 8 7 39 F
All the other sites 18 7 9 5 39 F

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