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The main objective of this site is to create and awareness among people who want to buy a fake college diploma or degree on what is available out there. I want to make sure that people will be able to get good quality fake diploma at reasonable prices. There are some unscrupulous people who run scams. They charge exorbitant amounts and give out low quality fake degrees. The key to avoiding these scams is to be informed of the choices available. Through this site I hope to educate the people of these options and help them make the right decision, which they will not regret later.

However all the reviews are done by me and you as the reader might think that I maybe biased in some way. That is why I have included a section where you can vote for the site you think is doing a good job. If you have already bought a fake certificate from any of the sites mentioned here you are the best judge of their quality. So you should be the one to educate the others about them. The ideal voter is someone who has already purchased from one of these sites mentioned here.

How to vote?

It is not a complicated process. I have made the voting process as easy as possible where anyone can vote without much hassle and wasting any time than needed. In the below form I have listed the sites that I have already reviewed on this site. Next to the name there is a radio button which you can select. As in any vote you can select only one candidate. After you have selected the site which you think provides the best fake college degrees click on the submit button. It’s as easy as that!

  • Diploma Center or ND-Center
  • Diplomamakers
  • Phonydiploma
  • Diplomasforless
  • Diplomareplacementservice
  • Diplomaservices
  • Diplomasunlimited
  • Backalleypress
  • Noveltyworksdegrees
  • Diplomasandtranscripts
  • Other Sites

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How are the results taken?

Once you submit your vote I will receive your choice. Then it will be added to the total votes placed and to the votes for the particular site as well. Then the totals for the particular site will be divided by the total number of votes and given a percentage. The site with the highest percentage will naturally be the first ranked site.

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