Phonydiploma has several partner sites running under different aliases, such as Phoneydiploma, Replicadiploma and Replicadiplomas. All of these sites are very professionally run. They have achieved our third place spot with 52 overall points, which entitles them to a ‘C’ grade. When it comes to the quality of the fake certificates, they can be considered as average, not in the top quality range. They only got 32 out of 70 points for the overall quality of the product, which means it’s a very average site. The look and feel of the Phonydiploma is pretty average too. The crests and seals are worthless because they don’t show the name of the college or institute. What good is the fake certificate without the crest and the seal? It won’t stand up to any high level of scrutinizing, which in my view is a very important factor. The quality of the printing is actually good. They have used original paper used to print certificates and probably laser printing. The prices of the fake diplomas are cheap, but when you factor in the low quality of the product they make, the price actually becomes expensive. There is no point in paying that kind of amount for a low quality fake. Their turnaround time for delivering the product can be considered as average but they delayed by four days. That is not very good either. Phonydiploma is another rare site which has a telephone based customer service, which is good and they sent replies to my emails within 2 days.

The following comments have been received for Phonydiploma.

Overall Rating : 52
Overall Grade : C
Quality : The overall quality of the fakes made by this site is very average and not high quality. One of the main points to note is that they don’t do very good college crests and their seals don’t have the name of the institute, which is an important factor.
Price : Compared to some other sites their prices are quite cheap. However when you consider the quality of the phony diplomas they are turning out, the prices are a bit too high. It’s worth it even if you pay a low price if the quality of the product is not very good.
Turnaround Time : They advertised a pretty average turnaround time of three weeks but they delayed by four days to deliver it to me. I guess that is not very bad, but they should try to meet deadlines.
Customer Service : One thing that stands out for this site is that it is one of the few sites that has a telephone based customer service facility and I might add they are very helpful too. I can’t say the same for their email replies though.

Even though this site gets the second runner up position in our list, the quality of their work is not that good, but they are passable Phonydiploma. I guess if you want to get something usable and not get scrutinized a great deal without spending too much money you can try this site out. this site is a good place to buy phony diploma.

Over the years I have received a lot of complaints about perfect phony diploma. Some of which I have discussed below.

I have also received several unconfirmed complaints with regards to one of these sites, most of these relate to the fact that this site intentionally misspells the name of the university or college you have ordered and the other complaint is that they put a sticker on the document you ordered noting that it is a novelty, again I would like to restate that these are all unconfirmed comments that I have received.

The main complaint I receive over and over again is that products are delivered with a novelty sticker and that the university name is intentionally misspelled in order to conform with the laws in the US, although both reports are unconfirmed will update this page if and when this is confirmed.

I have also received reports of the new site called diplomacompany which is most likely also owned by Phonydiploma although this has not been proven 100%, which of course would add to its many sites, I'm not sure exactly sure as to the reason for having for many sites except of course to deceive your potential customers into thinking that they are purchasing from a different site and not Phonydiploma. The latest update is that diplomacompany is not related to Phonydiploma

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