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:: Josie :: Portland ::

Though these guys run the site professionally enough, their products are notin the same league. You could do with some improvements guys.

:: Scott :: Brooklyn ::

The fake degree is not what I expected, when compared to the site. The seals are clearly fake without the college name in it. So it's apparent that it's a phony degree.

:: Del :: Woodbridge::

Not a bad piece of work for a phony degree, but there’s more room to improve.

:: Trish :: Monticello::

Their replica certificates are okay for the price they are asking. The quality is not that great but if you do not plan to use the phony degree for an interview or something like that, then I guess these ones are pretty ok.

:: Lucy :: Jacksonville::

A lot depends on how you intend to use the fake degree. If you plan only to frame and hang it then better to get an average quality one at a cheap price. If you want it to stand up to scrutiny then better get a good quality one by spending more. It’s up to the person.

:: Heath ::Hopkins::

No matter where you get it from you’ll never get a absolutely perfect replica of a certificate from Phonydiploma. So the best thing is to get something that is not recognizable as a fake. Most of these sites can get a reasonably good fake degree certificate for an average price.

:: Danny :: Fort Worth::

Their fake degrees are not of very good quality. Be careful when you buy.Many sites don’t’ have very good replicas even though they advertise as such.

:: Max :: Essex ::

You can’t always guarantee that you’ll get a very good fake degree provider the first time around. It’s a matter of learning by experience. Not a very good method but that's the only way.

:: David :: Dearborn ::

The fake degrees these guys make can be classified as ok. Not very high quality but average. They are great if you want to use them for a prank, cheap and affordable.

:: Pedro :: New Mexico ::

I bought a fake diploma from Phonydiploma it was quite good for my needs. Well what I needed was something passable for a cheap rate. It depends on what you want. I got no complaints anyway.

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