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:: Tony :: Phoenix ::

Compared to the fake certificate I got from **** site these guys work is impressive. Only drawback is that they dont replicate the seals and signatures so they are not exactly the same, other than that it's very good.

:: Vince :: Houston ::

These guys do a pretty decent job for the price they ask. Their fake certificate is very good and it cam right on time too. They even have a customer service hotline which is pretty cool for a site like this.

:: Dean :: Colorado ::

I have only bought a fake diploma from Diplomamakers so I can not comment on the others, but I must say that I am quite satisfied with the certificate I got from them. I am wary of sites offering cheap rates because it could mean they are compromising on the quality of the product.

:: Ryan :: Palm Springs ::

I did some looking around the web before I settled with Diplomamakers to get my degree replicated. Their stuff is very good and I will recommend them to anyone. However some may not agree with me, but that’s their right.

:: Ed :: Kansas ::

I’m not overly satisfied with the items done by this site. They are not that high quality and compared to that they charge too much as well.

:: Angela :: Avery::

Compared to what friend of mine got from a another site, the fake diploma I got from this site is far more better. I just glad I found it and not some other site which makes low quality certificates. There maybe other sites as good as Diplomamakers, but it’s up to the users to decide.

:: Andy :: Chicago ::

What can I say, their fake certificates are much better than some of the others I’ve seen around. However I think they charge too much. Better if they reduce the prices a bit.

:: Dimitry :: Moscow::

These guys did a pretty good job of replicating a certificate from a Russian university. I was impressed so I recommend this site to all.

:: Gary :: Gainesville ::

I am not an expert on these things like fake diplomas and fake degrees. I’ve only bought one from Diplomamakers so I can't comment on other sites. But the one I got from them was pretty good.

:: Tiffany :: Forrest Hill::

These guys did an average job on my replica degree, but it could’ve been better. They could also reduce the price a bit. If I find a better site I’d definitely go with them but Diplomamakers will always be the fall back site.

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