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:: Beverly :: Bangor ::

The fake degree provided by these guys are about average for the price they ask.

:: Paris :: Los Angeles::

Not a bad site and their products are avareage.

:: Kenny :: Richmond ::

I guess their stuff is average, especially for the price they charge.

:: Ryan :: Palm Springs ::

I did some looking around the web before I settled with Diplomasforless to get my degree replicated. Their stuff is very good and I will recommend them to anyone. However some may not agree with me, but that’s their right.

:: JD :: Taylorville ::

My advice, go with one of the higher ranking sites just to be sure. Why take a risk.

:: Denny :: Scarborough ::

The fake degree done by these guys can at best be called an amateurish attempt to create a replica. I don't know how they got such a good rating. Maybe they've improved their act, I don't know. All I want to say is that there are better sites available.

:: Scott :: Cincinnati ::

The fake diploma I got was good enough to fool a lot of people so I guess these guys are doing something right. Maybe they could improve and cut back on their prices.

:: Brooke :: Michigan ::

The site maybe Diplomasforless but they are not cheap considering the quality of the products are not up to par with some other sites.

:: Kelly :: San Quentin ::

Not a very good replica and I feel like I was scammed. I got replies for my inquiries about it either. I don't recommend them so better go for some one higher in the ranking.

:: Tara :: Inglewood ::

I guess it all depends on hoe you want to use the fake degree certificate. I got a replica created so that my parents can hang it in their library while the real one is safely tucked away in a safe. Everybody knows it's a duplicate, but when it's nicely framed, you forget that minor point. I got it from Diplomasforless and I'm happy with it. They could come down on the price to make people more happy.

:: Keith :: Trenton ::

I got a good replica of the diploma but the quality of the paper used and the signatures used in the document were not satisfactory, in my opinion.

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