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:: Paul :: New Jersey::

The fake degree I got from this site is very bad indeed . For the high price they were asking I thought that the product will also be good quality, but the opposite is true. They wouldn't give a straight answer for my questions either, so I definitely would not recommend this site.

:: Steve :: Scranton ::

These guys do take you for a ride. For their prices anyone would think that the fake diploma is of the highest quality. Unfortunatelyin the one I got, it's easy to identify that it is a fake. It also took more time than they advertise and replies to my e-mail got even more delayed.

:: Dale :: Stockton ::

Keep away if you don't want to get taken for a ride. The certificates are of bad quality and price too high.

:: Trish :: Omaha ::

It’s a mystery how sites like Backalleypress stay active the way they do business. For one thing they charge way too much for really low quality fake diplomas. I guess people new to this sort of thing become easy victims for their marketing gimmicks. Do some window shopping before you buy from the first fake certificate site that come along.

:: Marco :: San Diego ::

The fake diplomas made by Backalleypress are like something out of the back alley.

:: Rob :: Flagstaff ::

I guess these guys don’t know about the latest graphics tools or they just don’t care. With the kind of tools available now anyone with fair knowledge of them can do a really good replica of certificates. What I say is that if you want to buy a fake certificate, get it from somewhere good.

:: Alex :: Syracuse ::

I wish there was a site like this review site when I was buying a fake certificate. I feel like I’ve thrown money down the drain when I bought from Backalleypress. Really disappointed with the fake degree I got stuck with.

:: Chris :: Manchester ::

I regret the day I came across this site. Wish I could turn back the clock. People please don’t go here!

:: Chelsea :: New York ::

I really didn’t care about the quality of the fakes since I was going to use them in a play. However I was really surprised at the poor quality of them when considering the price they charged. I thought I’d get a discount since I bought six of them but no luck. At least they delivered it on time, that’s good I guess.

:: Jon :: Columbus ::

I guess I can call myself lucky because I didn’t buy from Backalleypress. I nearly did. I sent them an inquiry asking to clear up some points but the reply got was very vague and not very helpful, and it was replied after three day I sent the inquiry. That kind of put me off of them. I think it would be best if you make inquiries from these sites before make a commitment to buy. You can learn a lot from the way they treat your inquiries. Happy hunting guys!!!

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