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:: Gary :: Newport ::

I'm satisfied with what I got when considering what I paid for it. Guess you cant expect miracle for that amount.

:: Josh :: Amarillo ::

Cant say that I'm very happy with the fake certificate I got.

:: Paul :: Salt Lake City ::

Their stuff is not very good, but at least they don’t charge a high amount

:: Zack :: Denver ::

I bought a fake high school diploma from these guys and that was pretty good. I am happy considering it was cheap.

:: Allissa :: Long Beach ::

You guys can’t be serious because these are the most pathetic fake degrees I’ve seen. Even I can do much better stuff. It’s a waste of money. Be warned guys, take good care when you are buying replica diplomas. I think this review sites is a reliable source of good information so read through their site before you make a decision.

:: Jason :: Oakland ::

I guess a lot of people get duped by these guys but no one would ever go back there for a second time.

:: Dean :: Portland ::

Unfortunately I bought two fake degrees and regretting every moment of it. Too bad I didn’t come across this review site before I made the purchase.

:: Alonso :: Bronx ::

These guys are a rip off. I suggest you buy from some other site.

:: Lou :: Washington ::

I have to agree with Zack because I also bought a high school replica from these guys and it wasn’t that bad. Maybe they can do some thing right. They even gave me a discount for it, I don’t know why?

:: Bo :: Sacramento ::

No way can these guys actually do a good quality fake certificate or replica diploma of any kind.

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