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:: Danny :: Oakland ::

No recommendations for this site. Their fakes are really bad.

:: Ross :: Worcester ::

I can’t believe how bad these fake really are. I mean with the kind of graphics software available today they should be able to make much better fake diplomas than what the currently make.

:: Mick :: Boulder ::

They have a fancy site and all that but their work is not that good. They should put more effort to improve their products.

:: Tracy :: New York ::

The main reason you want to get a fake diploma or fake college transcript is to pass it on as an authentic item. These guys don’t seem to realize this concept. That is why they are making such low grade fakes.

:: Kelly :: Michigan ::

Somebody should teach these guys how to make fake degrees. Their products are very amateurish although the site itself is flashy.

:: Mark :: Hudson ::

If you think of these sites as printers they become more useful and advantages, because they charge less than your average printer. I got some certificates printed for a club that I’m involved with by sending these guys the artwork for it, mainly because I wanted a good printout in high quality paper. I checked around with some printers before and they cost twice as much. I came across this site by chance and thought I’d give it a try and see. Well they did a pretty good job and they even gave me a discount on it. However I can’t comment on their fake degrees or any other fake college transcripts they make.

:: Danny :: Clearwater ::

Some of the worst fake diplomas I’ve seen anywhere. Take my advice and get them from another site.

:: Casey :: Rose Wood ::

There are a lot of site out there looking to scam unsuspecting people who are not that knowledgeable about fake diplomas and fake degrees.

:: Matt :: Norcross ::

This site makes some of the worst fake diplomas I’ve ever seen anywhere.

:: Lena :: LA ::

These guys would definitely rank top in the worst fake degree makers list.

:: Nila :: Texas ::

For me the quality of was ok based on the price they charged, the document does not look very authentic but it is acceptable.

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