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:: Jesse :: Long Beach ::

A friend of mine recommended the site to me and I took a chance on it. The fake degree certificate I got from them is not bad for the price they charged. It's difficult to spot as a fake unless you really look for it, but probably they could do better. This site is good if you want to get a generic high school diploma or a transcript.

:: Emily :: Wilmington ::

I ordered a fake replica certificate with some changes to the original one I had and even sent them a scan of it, but I wasn't impressed with the results. I guess you get what you pay for.

:: Jason :: Orlando ::

These guys would definitely make the top five for the worst fakes list!!!

:: Kerry :: Louisville ::

Buydiplomaonline had some of the cheapest rates I’ve seen online but the quality of the products leaves something to think about.

:: Tara :: Augusta ::

I was wondering why these guys were so cheap, but then I got the fake degree and understood the reason.

:: Jason :: des Moines ::

I’d say give this site a wide berth and avoid getting burned.

:: Pete :: Houston ::

I have a friend who does graphic designing and I seriously think he could do a better job than these guys. I actually asked him to do one and it was better than what I got from Buydiplomaonline and he uses commercially available graphics packages, nothing advanced.

:: Leila :: Scranton ::

I thought I got a really good deal when I saw the prices this site was offering. It was only after I got the fake degree that I learnt why. The certificate was very poor in quality. I definitely think they are running a scam. Either that or they don’t know how to do it.

:: Greg :: Galveston ::

I can’t believe how bad the fake degrees these guys make. I mean with the kind of graphics software available it’s easy to do a very good quality fake certificate in a short period of time. Wise up people do your shopping somewhere else.

:: Jackson :: Huntsville ::

These guys give fake diplomas a bad name!!!

Update Tuesday May 25, 2010 I have been receiving many comments that this site is no longer in operation, people have emailed me noting that they do not reply to emails anymore plus I have received several complaints also that they have not delivered the diploma after collecting the payments, these cases are of course unconfirmed.

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