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:: Perry :: Little Rock ::

Much worse than what I expected.

:: Tony :: New York ::

The fake degree I ordered from this site is not that obvious as a fake.

:: Andrew :: Clasbad ::

I was surprised that this site wasn’t reviewed on this site because their fake degrees are quite good. I think you should review it.

:: Erik :: Port Elizabeth ::

The fake university degree and transcript I bought from this site was very good. It is also very cheap and they didn’t charge anything extra to deliver it to South Africa. I say that’s very good.

:: CJ :: North Carolina ::

I am not happy with the work they did on my replica diploma even after I sent them a sample of what I wanted. No I won’t recommend them to anyone.

:: Danny :: Portsmouth ::

I have to agree with CJ. Their fakes are not that good. They won’t stand up to a thorough examination. Why take a chance. Get from another site.

:: Blake :: Dallas ::

Not very good fakes when compared with the one I bought from Diploma Center.

:: Nigel :: Colorado ::

Clearly these guys don’t know how to make a fake diploma or a fake degree, so I would recommend anyone to go with another site. This review site is pretty good with a lot of information. Too bad it wasn’t there when I was buying my fake degree. That is why thought of putting this comment to educate others.

:: Harvey :: Pasadena ::

If you are looking for something passable I think this site is quite ok. Not for something you want to take to an interview or anything like that though. They are good for hanging on a wall or something similar. Their prices are reasonable in that case.

:: Drew :: Springfield ::

Why would you want to go for something second rate when you can easily go for something of higher quality?

The latest update is that this site has been closed down after scamming many people and I have received news that another site has been opened by the same people and I will post the details of this when the information is confirmed.

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