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:: Ethan :: Miami ::

I was a bit doubtful when I saw their low prices, but I went ahead and bought one fake diploma just to check it. As I suspected it was not that good quality. No wonder they practically give it away.

:: Abigail :: Parkland ::

At least their prices are cheap even though their products are not good. You can count it as a learning experience.

:: Jacob :: Colombia ::

I got such a bad deal out of this site. the fake certificate. What I got was not even close to what I ordered.

:: Anthony :: Medina ::

I had to get it done two times. The first fake degree I got was very poor quality and more than that it had some misspelled words. I complained about it and they said they would do another one without cost. Actually the second one came out much better. If you are not happy with your fake diploma, complain to them, it’s your right!

:: Samantha :: Jacksonville ::

The fake diplomas made by this site are terrible. They’ll just make some crude imitations certificate and make off with your money. Who are you going to complain to?

:: Joshua :: Maryland ::

This site was recommended by someone who bought a fake college degree from them and I saw his certificate before I placed an order. That one and the one I got was quite ok. Mine was better the mine friend’s one.

:: Christopher :: Whitton ::

My advice is to try to find samples made by that site. Ask them to send some of the fake degree to you. If they don’t, forget about that site. They probably don’t want to send samples because they’ve got something to hide.

:: Emily :: Washington ::

Do some research and save your money in the long run. Do not buy from the very first fake degree site that you come across. You can also heed advice from sites like this review site. This is a very good place to start.

:: Matt :: Norcross ::

This site makes some of the worst fake diplomas I’ve ever seen anywhere.

:: Ash :: Carraway ::

I bought two fake degrees from this site and they weren’t that bad. I’m not saying they are the best either, but it was good enough for me.

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