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:: Will :: Richmond ::

The fake degree by these guys is a very bad one, They don't even replicate the seals or signatures either.

:: Simon :: Jacksonville::

First of all the fake degree I ordered from this site was terrible. Nothing like what I wanted. Second their prices are way too much for the quality they provide.

:: Ben :: Albany::

I bought a fake degree from these guys sometime back and was not happy with it. I don’t know if they’ve changed or not but beware people.

:: Chris :: Toledo ::

No wonder their prices are so cheap. The fake diplomas they make are not up to standard. Wont stand up to any detailed scrutiny but they are good for playing a prank or something where you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

:: Miroslav :: Kiev ::

Their fake certificates are really bad. I won’t recommend them to any one.

:: Shakir :: Pakistan ::

There are many people in my country if you want to get any kind of fake document. But they are not of very good quality. I thought if it’s on the Internet it would have more quality. Unfortunately I learned the hard way that this is not true. I bought from Diplomasunlimited and it turned out to be a very bad replica. I think they charged me more than usual because they said that they did not have a template I requested and needed to make it. All I can say is I would have been better of getting it locally.

:: Casey :: Yorktown::

I agree their stuff is not the best of the lot but if the reason you are getting a fake degree is to play a joke on somebody or to hang on a wall, then this stuff is quite ok. I got one to play a joke on a friend of mine and he was fooled. And it’s cheap too.

:: KT :: Winslow ::

I’ve seen some really bad fakes in my time but these are top of the line. Can’t believe people would buy from them. Take my advice; buy from one of the higher ranked sites given here like Diploma Center. They can’t be that bad if lot of people say so.

:: Jersey :: Durango ::

This cheap stuff is horrible. Saw a fake certificate made by these guys bought by one of my friends. He’s still cursing these guys.

:: Kris :: Grand Rapids ::

I doubt any one who has bought a fake diploma from Diplomasunlimited would come back. They are preying on clueless people. It’s good to have these kind of review sites to educate the masses.

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