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:: Gill :: Las Vegas ::

I'm not entirely satisfied with what I got, but its definitely better than some others I have seen.

:: Jo :: Springfield ::

For the price they charged guess I should have expected what I got. It's not that bad, but I've seen better ones.

:: Tony :: San Francisco ::

There are a lot of better sites around. Just read through this review site before buying.

:: Ken :: Pensacola ::

I need a diploma but not that desperate as to buy from this site.

:: Erin :: Birmingham ::

The main reason I bought from this site was that they sent me a good sample fake university degree from a British University when I asked them for a sample. Actually out of the 3 sites I asked for samples, these were the only people who sent me one. I was a bit desperate at the time and thought I would go with them. Surprisingly they delivered on time too.

:: Merrick :: Tulsa ::

Their fake certificates are pretty average, not very good quality. Better to be safe and get from another site.

:: Ryan :: Lewistown ::

What I wanted to get was not actually a fake certificate but a replica of an actual certificate. This was not a anything educational but had to do something with a private club. I didn’t have any softcopy artwork or anything like that, so I sent them a actual certificate I had, so that they can replicate. They had done a very good job with it. Of course my main focus was on the quality of the printing. I got it done from this site for far less amount than what I would have paid a printer to do.

:: Phil :: Richmond ::

I can’t speak for other people, but I am definitely not happy with the fake certificate I got from this site.

:: Mac :: St. Paul ::

The fake degree made by this site was not in the top range, but it was passable. With a bit of improvement they can do better.

:: Alice :: Wichita ::

I would give these guys 6 out of 10. Pretty average fake, but they are usable.

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