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:: David :: New York::

The fake degree I got from a site is very bad indeed . For the high price they were asking I thought that the product will also be good quality, but the opposite is true. They wouldn't give a straight answer for my questions either, so I definitely would not recommend that site.

:: Aaron :: Los Angeles::

These guys do take you for a ride. For their prices anyone would think that the fake diploma is of the highest quality. Unfortunately in the one I got, it's easy to identify that it is a fake. It also took more time than they advertise and replies to my e-mail got even more delayed.

:: Eddy :: Flag Staff ::

I don’t know why some of these sites even bother to operate because there is no way that people would buy from them. Well not anyone who has bought from them anyway.

:: Sam :: Monterey ::

I’ve seen some really bad fake degrees and diplomas around so all that I can say is to be very careful before you buy them. Do some checking around and specially go through fake college degree review sites like these. They have very good information, which is usually correct, about the sites, especially this one. Fortunately for me I had far better luck with ND Center

:: Andy :: Akron ::

A lot of these fake degree sites are making such low quality certificates; it’s a wonder how they survive in the business.

:: Noah :: San Diego ::

My brother did a fake diploma certificate using low end graphics software on his home PC, which was much better than anything I’ve ever seen. Why can’t these so called ‘professional’ make something even better? Either they don’t know how to or they don’t care.

:: Alex :: Milwaukee ::

I know several people who have been scammed by these fake diploma sites. They charge very high amounts for very cheap, bad quality fakes. Some of the sites are not even online now. They operate for a short period and vanish. That’s there strategy. Don’t fall prey for these swindlers.

:: Linda :: Buffalo ::

All fakes degree sites are crap. They can’t do anything right!!!

:: Jerry :: Ohio ::

You won’t believe how bad some of the fake certificates I’ve come across are. Some even had glaring mistakes like misspelled words. I mean who’d buy from such a site?

:: Pete :: Redding ::

Too bad I didn’t know about this review site before I got my fake degree online. It was so bad that I felt like an idiot. I’m glad someone is doing a site like this review site.

:: Ben :: Wisconsin ::

Some of the sites that I have looked at are not even online know. I think their strategy is to operate for some time and then start new with a new name. Don’t get fooled people.

:: Chez :: San Fernando ::

It’s really great that some one decided to do this fake degree review site because it helps a lot of people.

:: Marie :: Quebec ::

The worst fake certificate I’ve seen the ink rubbed off on your hand even when you touch it and some French words were clearly misspelled. Pathetic!!!

:: Abigail :: Denver ::

Most of these fake college degree sites are very good scam artists, so don’t get fooled by them.

:: Ted :: Halifax ::

The best advice that I can give is to read through this fake degree review site and heed their advice, because they obviously know what they are talking about.

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