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:: Eric :: Lexington ::

These guys are fake as the degrees they provide. Anyone can easily see that the degree certificates they provide are fake and they charge high prices too. They are just raking peoples money.

:: Steve :: Atlantic City ::

This is probably the worst site I've come across. First their fake degree was very poor quality and when I tried to make a complain they were very offensive. Wouldn't recommend this site to anyone

:: Trish :: Cannon ::

I got a fake diploma from them and it was really bad. I thought because of their prices they might have good products but I was wrong. What else can I do but scratch it off as a loss. Since the need was strong I got a second one from Diploma Center after seeing their review on this site, but I didn’t get my hopes up and was ready to toss it into the garbage as well. I was very surprised when I got a superb fake certificate very much like the original. I guess thanks should go to the people who do this review site.

:: Shelley :: Stockton ::

A word to the wise people, don’t buy from these guys. Their stuff can be described as amateurish at best.

:: Clarke :: Glendive ::

My worst experience with these guys was that it took more than two months for the certificate to get to me. My initial inquiries were replied to but as time went on they were met with silence. Later I got an email saying that it was sent on a particular day, nearly 1 1/2 months after I placed the order and there was no apology for the delay either. I would not recommend this site unless you are desperate.

:: Alicia :: Monkton ::

I was surprised to see that they had such low prices. Now I know the reason, after I got my fake diploma. It was a very poor piece of work. Beware of cheap deals!

:: Damien :: Pasadena ::

The products these guys make are not that bad when you see some of the work done by other site. Believe me I’ve seen some really bad ones in my time. My advice is to take your time and do your researches before you buy anything. The time you spend on research can really help you avoid any regrets later.

:: Trent :: Richfield::

I don’t know whether the people who commented earlier got their items long time ago or not, but I bought one very recently and it was pretty good. Well for my needs anyway. I think they must have improved lately.

:: Manuel :: Lubbock ::

If they have improved now I can’t imagine their earlier work, because the fake degree I got was a very bad replica. The worst thing was that it was delayed very much. I think they need a better delivery system.

:: Pete :: Buffalo ::

It’s plain and simple, don’t buy from this site. Go with one of the higher ranked ones reviewed here.

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