Fake Diploma sites with a telephone number

Many have asked me if having a telephone number is any indication of the quality of the fake diploma or fake degree that you will receive. The fact is that even though having a toll free telephone number is a great advantage there is no proof that sites which provide such numbers offer a quality fake college degree compared to others who do not list a telephone number.

Of course the advantage of using a site with a telephone number is that you can get the answers to the right questions a little quicker, when I called Phonydiploma and asked them if they would replicate the seal exactly as the scanned image, they said no and then went onto give a lengthy explanation as to why this is not possible. I email the same question to ND-Center, since they dont have a telephone number and got a positive response and the diploma created by them did meet my specifications, so having a telephone number although a nice feature is no gauge of the quality of the product offered.

fakediplomasale.com scam

I have received several complained with regards to fakediplomasale.com after thorough review and evaluation of the information received I have come to the conclusion that fakediplomasale is a scam.

But this company does have an interesting method of scamming its potential customers, which I found very interesting, based on the information I have received many have told me that they have indeed received a high quality proof of the document before they even purchased the product and this proof is of very good quality but after putting the potential customers mind at ease they take your money and run. This company uses the proof as a method to lure customers but I wonder how long that can keep up the scam.

Have received more details about this site.
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