Generic Templates or Actual Samples

I have been receiving a lot of emails recently rest assured I read every single one of these, most of them list the experiences that people have had with the various fake diploma sites, a majority of these comments are not positive which is really disappointing to hear and I will make a blog post in the future summarizing what everyone has communicated to me so far this year.

The blog article this week discusses a common question that is raised over and over to me after people go through the samples of the fake degree sites, which is better Generic Templates or Actual Samples, I would say generic templates the simple reason being that if you have a high quality Generic Template this would be some indication that you are able to provide something that is authentic and that this what almost everyone is after. As for Actual Samples the fact is that these sites can easily steal these images from the net or from people who have sent them a scanned proof to replicate, just cuss there is a watermark of the fake college diploma site name does not mean this is an authentic template. But if its a Generic Template invariably someone will have to create it as swiping it from the net or stealing it from a customer is obviously not going to work in this case. From what I can see of the major sites nd-center and diplomamakers have the best generic templates and the samples from phonydiploma and diplomacompany are very similar that of course is a subject for another article.