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It seems that a new major player has come into the market I will be adding a full review as soon as I get enough feedback, already they have 3 sites and seems to be copying what Phonydiploma does quite a bit, the site design and product catalogue is quite similar to Phonydiploma and the product quality seem to be similar also but I have seen only one sample and that diploma looked very generic and the kind that can be easily made using your home printer, on the flipside the low price and convenient payment options makes ordering easy but if you looking for the real thing please look elsewhere.

I have received numerous complaints with regards to the quality of products so please be careful when dealing with this company.

Don't get charmed by the low cost. At the end of the day it is the quality that matters the most. And when it comes to the quality, this diploma company fails miserably. So ask this question "why fake diplomas" from this company before you proceed.

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