Indiana Attorney General temporarily shuts down and

A lot of people ask me if they should go with a US based site or a non US based sites for their fake diploma needs although there is a risk with regards to non US sites all the US based sites seems to offer very low quality products and if they even remotely resemble the actually diploma or transcript they will likely be closed down as it has happened for these 2 sites, in order not to get into trouble with the US authorities most of the US based major sites such as Phonydiploma, Diplomamakers, diplomasandtranscripts etc. make sure that the document they create in no way resemble the actual document and they even go as for as the intentionally misspelling the name of the University much to the complete shock of their customers who think they are getting a quality document, so you might be in for a nasty surprise if you even purchase from a US based fake college diploma site that is shut down late on.

I have received quite a few threatening messages from someone who claims to own and, asking me to remove this page. But the heading in this page is not correct and the customer records are likely not confiscated although and were temporarily shut down there are back online again but do not sell documents to Indiana residents or have any Indiana schools listed with them.

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