Phonydiploma = FBI ?

Yes thats right, this is the outrageous claim made by 2 seemingly independent sources stating that phonydiploma is actually a FBI sting operation setup to catch the would be fake diploma customers, I received 2 emails some months back providing detailed information on this issue and after this the story seem to have done the rounds on the net as I have received numerous messages asking me if this is true, first of all there is no way for me to give a strait answer to this quotation as I am in no way aligned to this company or its operations, but my gut feeling is that I highly doubt this whole story is true and is likely a smear campaign launched by a phonydiploma competitor, if you do have any information with regards to this issue please do let me know.

And in other news the popularity of this site seems to be growing day by day and my apologies for not posting more information on this blog as I receive so many emails each day with information that would be valuable for anyone interested in buying a fake college degree, I will try my best to keep this site updated in the coming months, of course due to the sites popularity some fake diploma vendors have launched smear campaign against this site, resulting in someone claiming to be from nd-center emailing me repeatedly asking to be removed from the fake diploma review, I am certainly not going to remove any reviews unless I get some solid evidence that someone has been scammed by a vendor noted in this review and the increasing number of emails I get everyday means that this site has become very useful for the average user and is becoming a headache for scammer websites.