Indiana Attorney General temporarily shuts down and

A lot of people ask me if they should go with a US based site or a non US based sites for their fake diploma needs although there is a risk with regards to non US sites all the US based sites seems to offer very low quality products and if they even remotely resemble the actually diploma or transcript they will likely be closed down as it has happened for these 2 sites, in order not to get into trouble with the US authorities most of the US based major sites such as Phonydiploma, Diplomamakers, diplomasandtranscripts etc. make sure that the document they create in no way resemble the actual document and they even go as for as the intentionally misspelling the name of the University much to the complete shock of their customers who think they are getting a quality document, so you might be in for a nasty surprise if you even purchase from a US based fake college diploma site that is shut down late on.

I have received quite a few threatening messages from someone who claims to own and, asking me to remove this page. But the heading in this page is not correct and the customer records are likely not confiscated although and were temporarily shut down there are back online again but do not sell documents to Indiana residents or have any Indiana schools listed with them.

If not in this Review then Don't Bother!

Unfortunately in the fake diploma industry today there are only a few sites that will deliver what you actually paid for and almost all of these sites are listed in this review and also have a high ranking. But on a daily basis I get emails from people asking me about sites that hardly anyone knows about usually these are poorly designed sites and sometimes even exact copies of the major players in the industry whatever the case maybe the end result is the same if you decide to make a purchase from one of these sites, you will either loose all your money or get something you could have easily created using your home inkjet. So my advice is stick to the major players and forget about small timers that won’t be online a year from now.

US Based Fake Diploma sites any good

A lot of people have asked me this questions over and over again, is getting a fake diploma from a US based site a better option that getting one from a non US based site, well there is no simple answer to this question, on the one hand a US based sites will accept paypal as payment so you are guaranteed to receive something, but in my personal experience US based sites do deliver the product but the product quality is far from what they claim it to be, this seems to be the rule of all the US based sites that I have encountered. With non US sites of course you are taking more of a risk of not getting anything but also on the flipside if anyone is going to create an authentic looking fake diploma it will have to from one of these non US sites as the rules with regards these types of document are such that no US based sites will ever create an authentic fake diploma so you are also stuck with a generic fake diploma no matter that the site might say before you make the purchase.

Read the Disclaimer of the Fake Diploma Site

Almost all of the major players in the fake diploma industry have a clear Disclaimer of their sites, please make sure you read this carefully before you purchase your items from any of these sites.

I say this because some of these sites make it blatantly obvious that they wont create anything close to a good replica, although they will promise to do so while they are corresponding with you.

For example check the Phonydiploma disclaimer, as you can see for yourself what this company wont do is quite a lot so no one in their right minds can expect them to create a good fake diploma if they are to stay within the restrictions of their own disclaimer.

The other thing you should know is that fly by night operations like most of the new sites will just copy the disclaimer from a major site, so keep an eye out for that also.