Phonydiploma and Diplomacompany Samples

I have had a lot of complaints regarding this issue that US based sites in particular phonydiploma and diplomacompany send jpg samples of the fake diploma they allegedly create to any potential customer that inquires about a specific fake degree. Both these companies seem to be more than willing to send high quantity images of the documents they claim to create, when I contacted these 2 companies Phonydiploma provided me with a sample even though I never really asked for it the same has to be told about diplomacompany, what is also interesting is that both these samples looked quite alike. And looking at these samples both these companies seem to have no problem in noting the exact university name or seal in the jpg image provided, but unfortunately this is all a ploy to rope in potential customer as I have been led to know from the samples I have received what you will get from these companies will look something like the samples provided but a critical change with be made in the seal of the university or the university name or location making the fake college degree you have just purchased pretty much useless, US based sites doing such things is not a surprise certainly to me due to the strict copyright laws prevailing currently but to actually deceive people like this is quite dishonest resulting in most of the customers of these two sites feeling as if they have been cheated.