Western Union or Paypal Payment

As a method of payment for many of the fake diploma vendors it seems to be a choice between Western Union or Paypal, I will try to discuss the merits and demerits of both types of payments. First lets take Paypal which is invariably much more convenient than Western Union and many prefer this option with good reason but since I have often heard complaints about fake college degree purchased using Paypal it is important to note that there is no guarantee of quality if you do make the payment using Paypal as the Paypal TOS will only guarantee that you will receive something through a courier and if you file a complaint the fake college diploma site will provide the tracking number for the courier and Paypal will take the side of the seller as there is a POD and the fact that you have received a low quality generic template on inkjet paper will on not change Paypal's mind.

For western union there is more risk involved as after making the payment there is no guarantee that you will receive anything but on the other hand using western union will means that some fake degree venders will not be restricted by a TOS and will be more willing to create a document that matches the original, it is important to note that many major players like diplomamakers, nd-center and phonydiploma offer both types of payment so the choice is up to you.