diplomareplication.andmuchmore.com confirmed scam

I would like to take this opportunity to warn people about diplomareplication.andmuchmore.com this site and many similar sites that have come before are confirmed scams for sometime now, but it seems that many people are still falling for the same scammer. I have received many complained with regards to this site and 3 people have also sent me the name of the person who is running this scam operation, I will not publish the name as this information has not been confirmed by me personally. But please refrain from purchasing from this site or any other site that comes after this site, its very easy to spot the style of this particular scammer and the fact that this site is hosted in a free web server plus the site can only be contacted through a yahoo address all of these factors makes it obvious that this site is indeed a scam.

The correct fake degree can work wonders for an individual. You have to keep in mind that the primary reason why you are purchasing this document is because you have certain requirement to fulfill. So if the quality of the document is not high then there is no point in buying them. Hence beware of this particular site.

diplomacompany.com = noveltycertifications.com = homeschooldesigns.com

It seems that a new major player has come into the market I will be adding a full review as soon as I get enough feedback, already they have 3 sites and seems to be copying what Phonydiploma does quite a bit, the site design and product catalogue is quite similar to Phonydiploma and the product quality seem to be similar also but I have seen only one sample and that diploma looked very generic and the kind that can be easily made using your home printer, on the flipside the low price and convenient payment options makes ordering easy but if you looking for the real thing please look elsewhere.

I have received numerous complaints with regards to the quality of products so please be careful when dealing with this company.

Don't get charmed by the low cost. At the end of the day it is the quality that matters the most. And when it comes to the quality, this diploma company fails miserably.

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backalleypress.com = fakediplomasite.com

I am very surprised that so many people who are visiting this site still have not figured out that backalleypress and fakediplomasite are operated by the same people, add to this fact I am getting a lot of complaints with regards to these two sites, whether it maybe that orders are not being delivered or comments about the poor quality of the products received, is all cases the comments I receive are never good, add to this fact backalleypress and fakediplomasite seem to have created several sites to promote their products, so there is a large network of sites which includes fake diploma sites as well as fake id sites.

nextdaydiplomas.com review

This site along with several other new sites seems to be copying what Phonydiploma does, as the format and the product catalogue matches Phonydiploma quite a bit, this maybe just a coincidence, whatever the case maybe the products look very average from the one sample I have seen but you are likely to receive the product as payment with paypal is quite safe, although there is no guarantee of the quality just that the product will be delivered to you, but a document of this quality can be easily created using your home inkjet.