Phonydiploma Raised Gold Foil Seals

Many are asking me about the Phonydiploma raised gold foil seals, fist of all I have seen only one real life example of this and I must say the quality is average to good, the problem with this product is that Phonydiploma refuses to create an exact replica of the college seal, so they have some generic seals which they edit accordingly and note the name of the university if you pay extra, so although the quality is ok I wonder if anyone would be fooled with a diploma which has a seal that looks nothing like the original college seal. I have also received proofs of documents that people claim to be of Phonydiploma and Diplomacompany where the college name is deliberately misspelled so that these 2 companies do not get into trouble with the US authorities, if anyone is interested in purchasing a product from any of these companies they should make sure that this type of thing is not done as I have received many complaints about it.