If there is no website then dont bother

It is hard to believe but I get several messages each week from people who have been scammed by some fake degree vendor who is operating out of an email address or a sub-domain of some free hosting site.

These scammers usually post in messages boards and forums throughout the net and are able to convince people to part with their money with just a flimsy site or sometimes just an email address, the most infamous scam involves a site that is hosted on free hosting services, there is a scam site operating from andmuchmore.com which is the WebAlias Network for several years now, the details of these scammers are posted all over the net but still they seem to be able to scam new people each day by the looks of the emails I received, so as a general rule of thumb, if they don’t have a proper website and are operating using free hosting or a email address, Stay Away!

Other popular free hosting services used by scammers are 4-all.org and 50webs.com and add to this gmail and aol email address are used to scam innocent people by posting about their services on popular forums and bulletin boards, the newest ploy used being a YouTube video has been posted advertising the products offered.

The review section in this site has been updated as I seem to have made a mistake in categorizing Noveltyworksdegrees and Diplomasandtranscripts with another fake diploma vendor, so the reviews of diplomasandmore and documentprofessionals have been removed and I will review this vendor by purchasing a product from them in the coming months in order to get to the bottom of this confusion.