Fake Diploma Comments

I receive many comments from people who have purchased from a variety of fake diploma sites, the following are the most noteworthy comments received during the past few months.

Why or Why could I have not found your site sooner! phonydiploma sent me a template that looked like the real thing then sent me some bullshyt! (excuse my french!) That was almost $300 thrown out the window - I had is rush order! I sent them a picture of exactly what I wanted and I got crap! I am going to try the first place you suggested, nd-center - I'll let you know how it goes. I don't have an exact replica of what I want - any suggestions on the right kinds of questions to ask?

Comment: Phonydiploma does not replicate actual seals or signatures of documents, they are known to send better quality samples than what they actually produce, this seems to be such an instance, I hope others will be more careful when dealing with this company.

Diplomareplacementservice is a big scam. These guys will let you transfer money to their account in the US. I ordered from them and never received anything. They e-mailed me a fake mailing slip for $1.10 from the US to China. They charged me $31 for shipping.

Diplomaprintingservice is a scammer. I paid them and ordered a product, and I never got anything from them. I want you to let people know about them, please, by posting about them on your site, so others will not get ripped off by them.

I've an extremely bad experience with Diplomareplacementservice while getting it done last time. I ordered a transcript from diploma replacement service and the transcript they delivered was shocking. It was on a normal A4 paper with spelling mistakes, no university logo and a complete waste of money.

Comment: Both these sites are run by the same people and I have received many complains like this, I would advise anyone interested in purchasing from these particular sites to use extreme caution, due to the sheer number of complaints received.

I ordered a document from Backalleypress and it was a terrible experience. I really need an authentic San Jose Diploma. I emailed them a copy of my friends actual diploma if this will help make the best possible template. But what Backalleypress produced was a joke.

Comment: I have received many complaints with regards to Backalleypress, the quality of the fake college diploma produced by this vendor seems to have declined dramatically.

Do you know anything about superiorfakedegrees.com I paid $250 for a certificate only and that was a week ago. I now cannot get them to respond to me when I inquire about my order. Thank you!

Received this message from the same individual later on
I paid $250.00 to this site and got nothing. I was definitely scammed. Do you know anything about Superior Fake Degrees? The customer service was great, answered all my Questions; even advised me when they received my payment and said they would keep me informed of the printing process. Now they have my $ and won't even answer my emails.

Comment: I am not surprised that you have been scammed by superiorfakedegrees.com this is a very new site but falsely claims to be operational from much earlier, all the sample images are copied from the internet along with the fake BBB seal. Please do your research before choosing a fake degree vendor or else you will end up purchasing from one of these scam sites.

More comments and details to follow in next weeks blog post…