Fake Diploma Comments 2

Hi, Im looking for a
fake diploma and transcript to fool my friends that have and MBA. So i really need something really good quality! After trying to get info from diploma-center and i sent them my order to get a quotation. 24h after i got this email from nd-center.com: Unfortunately we are unable to process your order at this point of time due to a large backlog of orders. My question is: Do you know a good site that can make a good Diploma and transcript? Because i sent couple of emails to nd-center after i got their email and they're not getting back to me!

I sent money to diplomaxpress to make a replica diploma and they never sent me the diploma although they did receive the $350 via Western Union. I am very soured by the process in general. They are a company/individual based in Spain. Thanks.

I saw your website evaluating fake college diploma companies. You are providing a valuable service. Thank you. Would you kindly point me to the best place to buy the best quality available diplomas of University of @#@$$% and @#$%$# University. Of course, I would like them to be as authentic as the printers would dare to make them. Again, the best quality and closet matching product. I shall appreciate very much your experienced advice. Thank you.

I just ordered another diploma from diplomamakers and it is horrible. It looks like something a 7 yr old could have made. I am interested in ordering a diploma from the University of @#$%$#@. I need this to look very replicable their diploma though bc I am going to have the real one at my house and yours at work.

These are some of the comments I have received during the past months, most comments involve asking advice on a future fake degree purchase, these I have not published here. I rarely if ever answer comments I am sorry about that, but I do read each and every comment received and the site is updated accordingly so a big thank you for everyone who has dropped me a line.