Buying Fake Diplomas

Hi.. I contacted several times and from more than 1 email address, they never respond back. Do you know a better way to reach out top these guys? Thanks!

I have no idea on how to contact this company, nd-center seems to be processing far less orders these days, hence I have received similar comments many times before, I will look into this and update accordingly.

Diplomacompany Truly Truly Is Bad! Please Please Do Not Buy From Them I bought a bachelors of science degree and i truly believe i did more work than their production team I found misspelled words Incorrect dates and they even got the name of the college wrong on the back of the transcript! Said one name on the front and a completely different one on the back! lol. I Even sent an Original transcript for them to copy and it looked Nothing Like It

Your review of is absolutely right. The diploma that I order from them that cost $229.17 looks like something anyone with ms word could print from a home computer. The font style and size looks ridiculous. And the seal is generic. I have contacted them several times since I received it on Monday. They have not replied. I think it is one person working in their home printing out these absurd looking diplomas on plain old resume paper and charging hundreds of dollars.

As for the first comment US based companies do not replicate transcripts, this is a known fact if you go through this review, both comments had some evidence of an order, and this fake diploma companies rating will be lowered accordingly.

DiplomaMakers scammed me for $250. I wish I would had found your site before.

No evidence of an order was provided other than the comment above.

What do you think about this site They are very expensive but claim to be very good.

I have yet to hear a single comment negative or positive about this site, meaning that it is an unknown company, so be very careful.

I was scammed by I saw on your website that you know this person's name, Is it : xxxxx xxxxxx?

This is known scam site, evidence of an order have been provided, where a payment has been made and no product was received.

Can you please let me know what you can about diplomadr program.

I have not heard anything about this site for quite some time now, but they have been around for sometime now

Hi I have been reading your site and found it to be extremely useful. I thought i give to my experience so far. I sent nd-center two orders since they seemed to ignore my first one. I believe i may of been because i added too much information to my first order. They replied to my second order very quickly. I was just wondering if you could guide me through the steps that will occur with them. They have sent me a quotation and I have replied back saying that i will pay by western union. Am a suppose to send them a scanned image now along with my custom details now? Thanks in advance for your help!

No further update was provided in this regard, which mostly means that no issues were encountered, most people only get back to me when something goes wrong.