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Please keep in mind that I have created this site in my free time so there might be several grammatical and spelling errors but as time passes by I will try my best to frequently update this site and also take steps to improve the overall quality of the site.
Also note that the information noted in this site is for educational purposes only and I am in no way encouraging anyone to purchase from any of these sites as using this type of document for misrepresentation purposes will be illegal in all instances.

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Hoping to provide samples of the diplomas and transcripts created by each of these sites, currently collecting the images so that there are several images for each fake diploma site.

So Please send your samples to diplomaone@ssl-mail.com

But please don't email me asking me to send you samples I simply do not have the time for this right now, but I will be adding this feature to the site in the near future.


Fake Diploma Review Before Buying a Fake Diploma

If you are considering buying a fake diploma, there are many sites available that offer a fake degree but what I found out while trying to get my hands on a fake college degree myself is that most of these sites will not offer the product that you require, so read this fake diploma review carefully before making your purchase.

Fake Degree Site Rankings
Ranking as of 02/20/2014

Fake Diploma Site Name plus Rating and Grade

Summary (for the full review please click on the Fake Diploma Site Name in this section)

Diploma Center 76/A alias



ND-Center came closest to the scanned image I provided, so as a result they are ranked on top, the quality of the fake diploma received from these guys was far better than the others but they are very expensive but I guess you get what you paid for in this case but it must be said that their customer service and turnaround time could do with some improvement. But the format, seal, signatures and the overall quality of the fake diploma was quite good. Please note that this site is also called Diploma Center as well as ND-Center or nd-center.com but if you ever contact them they call themselves Diploma Center I have used both names so that it does not confuse anyone.

Diplomamakers 65/B


Diplomamakers is one of the most professionally run sites in this field and they also provide customer service through telephone which is also a rarity for such sites. The quality of the fake degree received was quite good but you have to keep in mind that this site will not replicate the seal and the signature of the fake diploma in question, meaning the product look good but its not exactly the same as the original college degree I requested to be replicated.

Phonydiploma 52/C     alias


Phoneydiploma Replicadiploma Replicadiplomas


Phonydiploma or any of its partner sites are also very professionally run and offer customer support through telephone but the fake diploma they offer is very average looking with fake seals which do not even bear the college name. Keep in mind that all of this considering the fact that I purchased the most expensive Actual Replica of the Degree and I can only imagine what the cheaper designs might look like. Phonydiploma seems to be the masters of creating several duplicate sites to sell the same products, I'm not sure the exact reasoning behind this but I sincerely hope that no one is deceived by this. Update: Due to decreasing sales they have also created a review site called fakediplomareviewsite.org and this site is obviously used to discredit all their competitors and rev up their own site. The top three ranked websites are all interconnected.

Diplomasforless 52/C alias


Diplomasforless and its partner sites are also very similar to Phonydiploma as for the quality of the documents are concerned, the seal of the fake degree was just printed on and even that did not resemble the real design of the actual college seal and the signatures looked even more fake with hand writing fonts being used which made the whole document look very odd but on the plus side the site offered good customer service and turnaround time. Unfortunately this site also has been closed down by the order of the Office of the Attorney General of Texas, this also a good example on how it might be a good idea to stay away from sites that are operated from the US.

Diplomacompany 48/D alias


This company has only been in business from late 2007 but in that short period of time it has managed to create 3 sites which are selling products identical to what you will get from Phonydiploma, which are generic templates where the university name itself is sometimes intentionally changed this is also something that Diplomacompany has learned from Phonydiploma, seems to be a professionally run company but the quality of their products do let them down, so I am not going to assign a ranking to this site at least for the time being as they are just copies of Phonydiploma plus I am not sure that they will last that long. Update: I seem to be getting a lot of complaints regarding the quality of products created by Diplomacompany so please be careful when you are dealing with this particular company.

Diplomareplacement 46/D alias


Although Diplomareplacementservice claims to have the actual replica of the college degree in question, they seem to be just using the same one or two templates over and over, this certainly was evident when I received my fake college degree from them, although the quality of the fake diploma was average it did not resemble in anyway the scanned image that I had provided which was also the case for Diplomasforless as well as Phonydiploma add to this fact Diplomareplacementservice had average customer service and turnaround time.

Diplomaservices 44/D alias


Diplomaservices and its numerous partner sites claim to create an authentic replica but what you will receive is a very average looking fake diploma printed on cheap paper and without the matching seal or the signatures. And this company also has a habit of threatening its customers if they complain about the obvious lack of quality of the fake degree they purchased, just refer to the Fraud policy link on the Diplomaservices site for more information and I must say I have received a large amount of complaints about this site and its partner sites so I would advice any potential customer to stay way from these guys. The latest update is that this site has been closed down, by a disgruntled former customer who tracked down the owner of this site who lived in the US and forced him to close it down.

Diplomasunlimited     42/D alias


Diplomaxpress  DiplomaProfessionals

also their very own review sites

diploma-review fakediploma-review

Diplomasunlimited as with most of these sites has the same problems offers an average looking fake diploma or fake transcript but the issue with the products offered lie in the fact that they do not replicate the actual seal and the signatures of the scanned document that was provided. Although I never disputed the charge with either Diplomasunlimited both of these sites seems to have the same Fraud policy procedure and considering the fact that both offer fake degree of similar quality it might be the case that they are the same company. Although I have no proof to substantiate this I have been receiving many complaints about these 3 sites, people who have contacted me have told me they have either sent them the payment and never heard from them again or have received a far inferior product than what was promised. The good news is that some of these sites seems to have closed down after scamming so many people I cant say I'm surprised, but Diplomaxpress is still operational so please be careful when dealing with this site.

Backalleypress 40/D alias


Fakediplomasite FakeDiplomaBlog Fakediplomasearch Underground-review

Backalleypress fake college diploma was expensive compared to others but sadly the high price does not mean any improvement in quality in this case as the format, seal as well as the signatures did not match the scanned image I provided. Add to this fact there was the words novelty written on the back of the document which made the fake degree almost useless. The customer service of this fake diploma site was also below par where I did not receive any direct answers to my many queries.

Noveltyworksdegrees Diplomasandtranscripts 40/D Noveltyworksdegrees and Diplomasandtranscripts may or may not be related to each other but whatever the case may be they do offer a very similar products and the quality of the products offered also seems to be quite similar. Where the diplomas and transcripts offered are quite cheap but the quality also is average but for the price they are offered at you really cant ask for much more. Although the price is low most past costumers tell me that the turnaround time is good.
All Other Sites not listed here 39/F or lower I have listed in this site the major players in this sphere and I have taken into consideration my own research in this subject and also the numerous amounts of emails received from past and potential customers of the fake diploma sites listed above. 95% of the queries I have received so far are in relation to one of these sites that I have reviewed in this site. But please note that to my knowledge there are nearly ten or more sites that offer similar products but are still not well established and are unlikely to be there in one years time, so for this reason purchasing from one of these newer sites may be considered risky and I certainly do not recommend it as you are better of sticking to one of the sites that are reviewed here.

In my case my requirement was very simple, just to replicate my brothers Masters, of course changing the name and date of graduation on the diploma and I provided a scanned image of the college degree to each of these fake diploma sites, most of the sites of course when I sent them the scanned image said that they can replicate the image with the changes I specified but were very vague as to the quality of their product.

So I decided to create this fake diploma review site in order to help other people that are interested in purchasing a fake degree, the ranking system I used in order to grade these fake diploma sites was primarily based on the quality of the product received and how close it came to the original, which I think is the most important thing.

My advice is that if you are interested in a fake college diploma make sure you ask the right questions from these fake college degree sites so that you are certain that you will receive the college diploma that you require and also don't forget to read the faq page of the fake degree site in question. I would also suggest that you try to stick to one of the 8 sites that are reviewed here as I have purchased from each of these sites and although the quality of the product varied I did receive the fake college degree that I ordered, I say this because I receive so many emails from people saying that they get nothing for their money from several other sites so please be careful in particular when dealing with the non reviewed sites.

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