Diplomasandtranscripts also got the same scoring as the previous two sites, that is 40 overall points and a grade of D. they were almost identical to Backalleypress and Noveltyworksdegree, although their quality of the fakes were a little bit better than Noveltyworksdegrees. So that is why they got 18 points for the overall quality category. The crest was not an exact match for the scanned image I sent. There were some discrepancies on it. They were not that obvious, but they were there. The seal was not good either. It was again printed on the fake university transcript, not placed as a seal and it was not an exact match to the original either. The signature however was placed as real signature, that is a handwritten one, and it was very good. Other than that there’s nothing good about the fake diplomas by this site. The quality of the printing was not very good. The paper quality was lower than the standard paper used for printing certificates and the print was a bit smudgy. But it was a bit better than Noveltyworksdegrees one. Even though the quality of the product was low, their prices were not. In general it was average, but once you consider the quality factor, the prices become very expensive indeed. Their turnaround time was also average, since they only delayed by three days. However their customer care leaves a lot to be desired. Out of the three emails I sent to this fake university transcript maker only one them got a reply and the information was not even relevant.

From past verified customers to this site I have received the following comments and updates on the quality of products by Diplomasandtranscripts

Overall Rating : 40
Overall Grade : D
Quality : The overall quality of the fake degree were not very good and low quality. The crest and seal was not an exact match to the original one. There were some differences among them. The quality of the printing was also very low and not up to standard either.
Price : The price in general is average, but once you factor in the low quality of the fake degrees they make it actually become very expensive. You will be paying a lot of money for a low quality product.
Turnaround Time : Their turnaround time is not that bad compared to some other sites. They only delayed the delivery by three days.
Customer Service : The customer care is practically non existent. They only replied to one of my mails out of the three I sent them. The information they provided were not even relevant to the query and it was more like one of their advertising mails.

All in all, this site is average. You can opt for fake transcripts from this site. But be warned the overall finish is not worth the amount charged. Hence I will advise that you stay away from this company. Whenever you are purchasing a document consider the fake diploma worth before investing.

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