First of all I must say that this site has been closed down by the order of the Office of the Attorney General of Texas. This is a good example of why it is very practical to stay away from fake degree sites operated out of the US. The US laws are very strict on matters such as this. Nevertheless Diplomasforless is in a tie with Phonydiploma for third spot in our list with 52 points and a ‘C’ grade. They also have several partner sites like Diplomamasters, Fantasydiplomas, and Diplomaexpress and all of these are professionally run. They have a lot of similarities with Phonydiplomas. The overall quality of the certificates is not very good. The seals are not similar to the real ones and they are only printed on the certificate and can be easily identified as such. The signatures are also printed using handwriting fonts, which gives it a very odd look. So overall the quality is in a very poor standard. Their prices are cheap but as I have said earlier when you factor in the low quality of the fake diploma, the price actually becomes expensive. So the cheap prices don’t matter anyway. They kept a average delivery time of three weeks from the day the payment was confirmed, but eventually they also delayed the delivery by five days. Their customer service is much better since they replied to all my emails within 2 days and the information they provided was helpful, not much, but helpful anyway.

From past verified customers to this site I have received the following comments and updates on the quality of products by Diplomasforless.

Overall Rating : 52
Overall Grade : C
Quality : The quality of the fake degrees this site provides is of low quality. The seals or crests do not match the real ones and they are printed on the certificates, not a proper seal at all. In addition the signatures are printed using handwriting font, which gives it an odd look.
Price : The prices are quite cheap when you compare with other sites but once you factor in the low quality of the fake certificates, the price actually becomes higher. If the quality of the fake diplomas is good then the price is a lot more worth it. Unfortunately that is not the case here.
Turnaround Time : As with any other site they also never delivered on time. They delayed the delivery by five days. When I inquired about it, they gave some excuse about delays with the courier service.
Customer Service : Their customer service is actually good even though they don’t have a telephone based customer service. They usually reply to emails within 2 days with an apology for any delays. The information they provide is also good, although not excellent. Even when I inquired about the delay in delivery they replied promptly.

Overall I would not rate this site as a very good site, although not terrible either. They provide average quality fakes. Unfortunately you wont be able to buy from them even if you wanted to because the Office of the Attorney General of Texas has closed it up. A Lot of people would have lost their money because of this. So beware of buying from sites based in the US as the law has apparently been tightened with regards to sites selling this type of product, so finding a site in the US or Canada which creates this type of document with any sort of quality will be very difficult in the future. Make sure that they are authorized to deal in these fake documents when you are planning to select fake diploma service providers

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