There is nothing different about Diplomasunlimited or it’s partner sites, namely Diplomaxpress and Diplomaprofessional, when compared to the earlier sites I have reviewed. Although I don’t have proof that they are the same company I am basing it on the quality of the fakes they make. The fake degrees made by all three sites have an uncanny resemblance to each other. They managed to get 42 overall points and a D grade, which places them on seventh position. The quality of the fake diplomas they create is below average. The main issue is that they do not replicate the crests, seals or the signatures of the real documents, or even the scanned image provided to them. These were very bad imitations when compared to the real ones. The seals are just printed on the certificate and not actually placed as a seal. The signatures are done using handwriting font so it’s very obvious as a fake. In some certificates I have seen the seal and the signatures has been blurred out. The quality of the printing is not good either. They are not using the standard paper used to print certificates, but some other low quality paper with a higher GSM value. So overall the quality of the fake degrees made by Diplomasunlimited is very low indeed. Fortunately their prices are in the low range as well. They have some of the lowest prices I’ve come across. I had my doubts even before I placed the order that the fake certificate would not be very good one and I was correct. Their turnaround time is not bad with only a delay of three days. The same can be said for their customer service as well.

From past verified customers to this site I have received the following comments and updates on the quality of products by Diplomasunlimited.

Overall Rating : 42
Overall Grade : D
Quality : The quality of the fake diplomas made by this site is very low indeed. The crests, seals and signatures are not replicas of the original and some times has no resemblance to them. The seals and signatures are actually printed on the paper, not placed with a seal or handwritten.
Price : This site has some of the lowest prices I’ve seen online for fake certificates, but it’s not worth it when you consider the low quality of the products. Ultimately you are the one losing out. So I guess the prices reflect the quality as well.
Turnaround Time : Their turnaround time was not bad considering they only delayed the delivery by three days.
Customer Service : Customer service is also not that bad. They replied to my emails within 2 days and the information they provided was helpful.

No matter how low the price is it’s not a bargain once you get the actual product on hand. I’ve had reports from people who said that they lost money to this site. They had paid money and had never heard from the site again. Some others have received very low quality fakes than what they were promised. So I definitely would not recommend this site. This site indeed deals in poor quality fake certificate which is not at par with the cost charged.

Update Tuesday May 25, 2010 Plus I am getting more and more updates that people are not getting what they paid for and I am investigating this further and will update the site when I have some concrete information.

Fake diplomas from this site are not worth the money as they have time and often failed to live up to their expectations. Avoid this site if you can otherwise after a few days you too will be one of the dejected clients of this company and you will wonder why fake diplomas are purchased from them.

The final update is that both of these sites seems to have closed down, its obvious that you cannot scam people and get away with it for long. But it also might be the case that the site owners lie low for a while till the heat dies down and when start scamming a whole new batch of people and the other fact is that this site also is operated from the US although they want you to think otherwise.

Hence it is extremely important to do a thorough background research on the company from whom you are planning to order fake college diploma for weak students. Use discretion in order to avoid the duping situation.

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