Noveltyworksdegrees are placed in parallel with Backalleypress since they got the same amounts of points, which is 40 and a grade of D. The overall quality of the fakes made by this site is far below average. They got the lowest points for the overall quality than any other site reviewed. The fake diploma that I got didn’t even resemble the scanned image I sent them. The crest was out of alignment with different parts going here and there. The seal was printed and very noticeable as such. And once again the signature was printed using handwriting fonts. They have used low quality paper with lesser thickness than the paper used for printing certificates, so it feels very lightweight and flexible. In addition the printing was also bad and it even smudges if you rub it. Overall it is a very bad fake. The prices they charge are very cheap, one of the cheapest sites I’ve come across. But even that low prices are not worth when you consider the low quality of the fake diplomas. I had a feeling even before I bought the fake that it was not going to be good when I saw the pricing they had give. Their turnaround and customer service is the best I’ve seen for any site. They only delayed the delivery by one day, which is very good. They replied to my emails within a day and they were very helpful with the information too. They kept me informed of the progress through emails. If they can apply this kind of standards to the quality of their fake degrees they can easily come up in the ratings list. make sure that the service provider from whom you are planning to buy cheap novelty diplomas remains in touch with you till the product is delivered.

Overall Rating : 40
Overall Grade : D
Quality : The overall quality is in the low end of the scale. The crest, seals and signatures are not even close to the real one they are printed on the certificate. The quality of the printing is also very bad, with low quality paper and ink used to do the printing.
Price : This site is the cheapest fake diploma site I’ve come across on the net. However it is a case of price reflecting the quality of the product. I guess they are not worth it even if they are given free of charge.
Turnaround Time : Surprisingly their turnaround time is very good. They delivered the product with a delay of only one day.
Customer Service : This is another area they are apparently good in. All my emails were replied to within one day, and they were courteous as well. They kept me informed about the progress of the order too.

No matter how cheap the prices are or even how good the turnaround time is what ultimately matters is the quality of the fake degree you receive. If that is not up to standard then everything else doesn’t matter. I definitely would not recommend this site to anyone unless they want a piece of paper which only resembles a college diploma with your name on it and is not bothered by the fact that it does not look exactly like the original document.


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