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And going through the comments you will also have idea from where to buy degree certificate for yourself.

I am thinking about getting a fake diploma I just wanted to know which site would you recommend is the best, I know degrees aren't never going to look like the original but which site does the best job.

Thank you for your comment, my advise is to go through this website and make your our decision as each site has its merits and demerits.

My requirement is just to replicate my bachelor degree, changing the name and date of graduation on the diploma and I provided the images of the bachelor degree. I have the real one with Bachelor of Arts, but I need the other one for Bachelor of Sciences.

Most companies don't do this sort of order in my experience, be sure you choose a company that understands your requirements clearly. I have had a good experience with nd-center with a similar order.

Hi Many thanks for your excellent website and blog. Very informative indeed. I would like to put through a small contribution, if you happen to have a PayPal account. Might be even better (for you) to solicit ads on your website or have something like a donations button - I'm sure there are plenty of grateful readers.

Thank you for your suggestion, I will be inserting a donate button as soon as the free hosting in this site runs out, this site is just a hobby for me but from the large amount of people who send messages to me daily I know it is a valuable source of information for whose who wish to purchase a fake college diploma.

Was wondering if ND-Center.com is U.S. based? I also read another one of your post that specifically says to stay away, or at least be careful of U.S. based fake diploma firms. Let me know...

To my knowledge they are not US based but I cannot be sure as you can never tell with these types of sites, in my experience most US based sites although will deliver the fake college degree to you the quality will be far inferior to what you would have expected.

I'm looking to buy a fake diploma from a university in Australia and the diploma company is the only place I've seen that can do that, however they did not get a very high ranking. Does you know of a good site to order a realistic degree and transcripts from a university in Australia?

Many companies to my knowledge create documents from Australia, do a thorough search and you should be able to find someone to create the documents for you. I have received complaints of low quality documents received from the diploma company, hence the reason for the low ranking.

Dear friend, thank you for providing such a website - it has indeed been very informative as I was going to buy a cert off a crap website and then stumbled upon yours. I was wondering if whether you could help me with a query I have - I would like a certificate from a University, however I don't know what they look like? and I want it to look the same as the existing - how can I make this happen?

The best way is to find a friend who went to that same University, then you would know for sure that what you are getting from a fake diploma site is legit, the other option is to do a simple Google image search, as you are able to find images of many college diplomas on the net.

I paid up front for a college degree and a transcript from diploma printing services. I got the degree in 24 hours, did not have the info for the transcript until now. Almost 30 days later they do not respond to my email requests. I need a phone # for this site.

I do not have a phone number for this site, please do let me know if your order has still not been delivered, I have received complaints of low quality products from this site.

fakediploma.co.uk also goes by noveltydiploma.co.uk is a total rip off, purchased degree and transcript doesn't look anything like real documents looks like made on home computer very blurry regular paper even spelled university name wrong cost 205.00 save your money.

Have received a lot of complaints about these sites, I would like everybody to use extreme caution when dealing with these sites, both these sites are operated very unprofessionally, have no original content and have copied all the content from other vendor websites, they have even copied the samples of others and put their watermark on stolen images claiming as their own, all this plus the association with now defunct lostids.com means that you are likely to be scammed.

Be very careful about the quality when you are buying fake diplomas. Don’t forget to check the type of paper used, the quality of ink, water mark, and seal and so on. All these things go on to make a high quality fake document. It is important that you exercise discretion in your search so that you can avoid getting duped.

With the custom fake diplomas option one can easily tailor make the documents as per their requirements and specifications. However one needs to be sure about the grade and level of work offered by the company before they opt for customization. Hence don’t forget to check out the samples of fake documents. Hence, I always suggest that check out the different fake diploma reviews before you go ahead and I purchase it.

How do I select the right company that deals in fake diploma in professional world? Can you kindly guide and assist me?

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