Diplomaservices also has several partner sites, namely Superiordiploma, Superiorfakedegree and Bestfakediploma. They are all quite average in the fake diplomas that they make. They claim to have templates for anything and say that they can create replicas that match the real one in every way. But the truth of the matter is that they create less than average fake certificates. The crests, seals and the signatures have only slight similarities to the real ones. The print quality is also very poor because they don’t use the usual type of paper used in printing certificates, but some cheap alternative. Overall the fake degrees are very low quality. The prices they charge are below average but not quite worth the product. I really think you are paying a lot more to get a below average product. The fake diploma I ordered actually got delivered with a delay of two days but I’ve had some comments from people who said that their orders were delayed by weeks. As for the customer service, it’s one of the worst I’ve come across. The replies they send are very crude and give no information of value. I’ve had complaints from people who have been actually threatened by this site when they tried to complain about the low quality of their fake degrees. This is one site that I definitely would not recommend to anyone.

From past verified customers to this site I have received the following comments and updates on the quality of products by Diplomaservices.

Overall Rating : 44
Overall Grade : D
Quality : The quality of the fake diplomas is in the low end of the scale. The crests, seals and signatures are very poor imitations indeed and the printing is done on low quality paper, not the kind normally used to print certificates. So the lack of quality is very apparent.
Price : The actual price is comparatively low but then again with the low quality of the products it seems higher than it is. Even if the actual amount you pay is low you are losing out in the end.
Turnaround Time : My order got delivered with a delay of only two days but I’ve had comments from several people who said that their orders got delayed by weeks. I guess mine was lucky. If these delays happened to a lot of people can surmise that this is the norm rather than what happened to me.
Customer Service : This site has one of the worst customer services I have ever seen. I guess the concept has not caught on with these people. I only got a reply for my email after five days. Even snail mail doesn’t take that long and even that was crude and nothing relevant to my query. The worst of it is, I’ve had complaints that these guys threaten the people who make complaints against them.

The good news is that this site has been shut down. According to my sources a disgruntled customer has tracked down the owner of the site and has forced them to shut down. So you don’t have to worry about them. But I will be on the look out because these sites tend to reappear with a new name. I strongly believe that when it comes to a professional fake diploma it is better not to compromise.

Update Tuesday May 25, 2010 This site seems to have been shut down permanently and it has been offline for several months now and I have yet to receive any update that this site has reappeared with another name but I will of course keep my eyes open cuss you never can tell with these sites.

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